Alter Bridge - Live at Wembley - European Tour 2011

This amazing 14 tracks CD and 21 tracks 2 x DVD with documentary is a vital part to anyone’s rock collection.

The CD is 80 minutes long that encapsulates the whole performance as it should sound. Not only is the quality of the production spot on, so are Alter Bridge with their performance. Myles Kennedy has an addictive voice that can be listened to just as well live as it can on CD. There aren’t many vocalists that can perform well live, but Myles can.

As the CD/DVD start with the intro to ‘Slip Into The Void’ you know you are going to be in with a treat. When watching the DVD it’s best to put the surround sound on and enjoy the whole thing like you are there.As Alter Bridge blasts their way through ‘Find The Real’, ‘Ghosts Of Days Gone By’ and ‘All Hope is Gone’ to name a few, you can’t help feeling a sense of excitement as you tap along in the comfort of your own space. The acoustic version of ‘Wonderful Life’ is so heart wrenching, it will make you want to ring your nearest and dearest to tell them how much you love them as it is a ‘Wonderful Life’.

Not being a big fan of live recordings, this is one that I couldn’t put down as Alter Bridge show their professionalism. There is only one other live performance that is on the same par which is Opeth Lamentations live at Shephards's bush empire 2003.

Buy it because it is exciting and brilliant.


By Tony Watson