American Dog – All Over The Road – Volume One
(Colonial Canine – 2008)

One of the coolest music DVD’s I have ever seen. A pure f*ck it all, this is who we are take us or leave us kinda thing – the way it should be – 2 hours of strictly no b*llsh*t guaranteed live ‘n’ loud and talky walky stuff from three bad boys from Ohio who go by the collective name of American Dog.

Presented & hosted by some wanna-be English Nutter called Sir Loin O’Beef – well it’s actually Michael Hannon dressed in drag – haha – no I mean in a male restaurante number but with jeans on of course. It sees him explaining the band in and out of the 120 minutes of madness and it’s utterly wacko and entertaining.

Packed full of tons of live footage of bootleg quality or other wise in their own local bars ‘n’ studio or even over in France too we see the guys blast the redneck growling metal at us where a can or bottle of beer is either in shot or not too far away – can’t have you getting’ the shakes can we or dry mouthed for that matter.

Covering a wide range of material from their debut to the present day this is a must for Dog fans the world over. I mean how can you resist watching a DVD that is full of songs like ‘I’ll Drink to That’; the corny ‘Sometimes You Eat The Pussy’ promo video featuring a female midget dressed as a cat!! – no really!!

There’s a lot the film that became the soundtrack for their ‘Songs about Drinkin’ & F*ck*n’ live CD – where several friends were invited to a studio. It even features legends like Jason McMaster of Broken Teeth/Dangerous Toys and believe it or not Eric Moore too.

Sit back and enjoy this excellent visionary, unbelievable product – more tea vicar?


By Glenn Milligan