Black Label Society - Boozed, Broozed & Broken Boned
(Live with the Detroit Chapter)

(Eagle Vision - 2003)


The air raid sirens wail, the drums crash and the crowd's goin crazy - well wouldn't you in your about to witness guitar god 'Zakk Wylde' and his 'Black Label Society' who want you to 'make some motherf*ckin' noise' for 'em. A Sabbath styled power-party begins with plenty of Urps and Chug-Chug guitar work for those there and of course not forgetting those of you in DVD player land.

Among the highlights are blasting beaters like 'Demon of Society'; 'Bleed For Me' 'The Beserkers' (F*ck Iraq!!) and a superb solo acoustic spot where the long, blonde haired bearded one gives us a cracking version of 'Spoke of the wheel'.

It's a real hot beer soaked loud as hell driving gig that the Detroit Chapter f*cking dig at the highest level. Oh and by the way you will no doubt get the impression that Zakk's no fan of 'Limp Bizkit' - well let's be honest, who is these days?

The bonus material is the dogs b*ll*cks and includes a guitar lesson with the maestro himself (learn how to play Ozzy's 'Miracle Man' for instance); 3 minutes with his Daughter, Rae Rae (at his house - 'Don't sing too loud, we'll wake Mummy up!!) and the acoustic performances in a US jail of 'Stillborn' and 'Live no more'.


By Glenn Milligan