Blaze Bayley – The Night That Will Not Die
(Blaze Bayley Recordings – 2009)

The DVD of the gig filmed at Z7 Prateln, Switzerland, December 13th, 2008 which is a real pleasure to see – especially if you have the CD of the concert as well.

The lighting above and around the stage is incredibly powerful and impressive as is the sound quality of the whole thing as well. Blaze Bayley is fully in control as is the band and have the audience locked right into the perfect position – going crazy to every single song. There’s hair spinning, devil signs and fists in the air throughtout and all are having a f*ck*ng great time in here.

There’s even a bit of crowd surfing too going on and the whole band are as tight as hell and on fire or should I say Blazing. There’s songs from the current album at the time ‘The Man Who Would Not Die’ that never lets up from beginning to end with highlights such as ‘Kill & Destroy’ with audience participation on the main title words of the song.

Blaze throws his hands up in the air and the audience roars – a good example being when they visit Iron Maiden back catalogue like ‘Futureal’. There’s a touching moment when the song ‘While You Were Gone’ was introduced as it was his late Manager, his wife Debbie whose favourite song it was.

What a brilliant show that full of emotion and metal muthaf*ck*rs all through. Someone from the crowd even leaps from the stage during the closer as well – there’s always one –lol. Be sure to go and see at least one Blaze Bayley show on the forthcoming tour and spread the word as if this DVD is anything to go by – you’re in for one hell of a night that refuses to die!!


By Glenn Milligan