(Escapi - 2006)


Though practically inactive in the public eye for 9 years with the exception of their frontman, rap legend ICE T, Bodycount bounce back with bruising form on this 72 minute live set filmed in their native South Central LA.

Featuring an array of old faves, largely from their 1992 debut, only two of that line-up (Ice and guitarist Ernie C) now remain, Mooseman, Beatmaster V and D-Roc by now all sadly ‘brown bread’, as brought to our attention during the show. The three new chaps seem to have listened to their earlier records a lot whilst being outsiders as they play noteperfect renditions of old belters like ‘KKK Bitch’, ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’, ‘Evil Dick’ and ‘Voodoo’, alongside Ernie’s intense land-speed soloing, to an extremely rampant moshpit below.

Ice’s arrival onstage in a Michael Myers mask demonstrates that in 2006, Bodycount are more evil, frightening than ever and one or crunching numbers from their forthcoming new album adds to the anticipation though listening to the interview included on the disc shows what a laid-back fellow the man formerly known as Tracey Marrow tends to be offstage.

In his forties he may be but MR T is by no means putting things on ice on a permanent basis, yet. Brutal.


By Dave Attrill