Chickenfoot – Get Your Buzz On Live
(DC3 / Eagle Vision – 2010)

By now most of you know the name and the members – Guitarist, Joe Satriani with 2 ex-members of Van Halen (Sammy Hagar Lead Vocals & Michael Anthony) with RHCP’s Chad Smith on drums.

Caught live in concert, they perform their songs from their self-titled debut album plus The Who’s ‘My Generation’ concluding with the Star Spangled Banner & Montrose ‘Bad Motor Scooter’ that was the 1st song Sammy ever wrote (with his slide guitar creature that gets hurled around a lot). The band are tight and the sound quality of the DVD can be altered with Dolby or Stereo sounds so you get the best out of what you got there at home or while watching on your day off at the oil rig.

The band are on fire with highlights of this gig in Phoenix including ‘My Kinda Girl’ and several shots of 3 hot chicks in the audience – ‘Sexy Little thing(s)’ they are too – noew there’s a cool song for ya live! Ok there’s more songs and hot women than that – hahaha. It’s also good to see the stick monster, Mr. Smith having a voice between songs and the fact that even Joe Satriani sings (well back-ups at least) as he has retired from it in solo mode.

Love the New Orleans bluesy number called ‘Bitten By The Wolf’ (only available on the vinyl version of their album) that sees Joe on acoustic, Chad at the front on kickdrum, snare and cymbal and Sammy on an old fashioned 50’s microphone making it sound miles more authenic. ‘Oh Yeah’ sees plenty of audience screaming with Sammy letting the audiece bawl into his mike now and again, not to mention plenty hand shaking with the fans and numerous sticks being hurled into the venue by Chad – he later destroys the whole kit as well.

Nice to see Michael’s Jack Daniels guitar up their and some excpetional solos from Joe Satriani on the custom Chickenfoot black and white or/and white and black guitars – you’ll know what I mean if you watch the concert – lol.

After you’ve loved the gig out you must watch the 52 minute documentary that includes Chad Smith asking random people on the street if they know who Chickenfoot are (only one couple do – hahaha); Satch get’s interviewed by Spinal Tap Legend, Nigel Tuffnel (complete with a beard – Nigel that is lmao); the guys at Rock N Roll Hall of Fame; Sammy hanging out with Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead up in the hills; mad backstage footage and an Interview with Michael by a guy called Adam who takes the p*ss quite a bit – but it’s all in the name of Fun ‘n’ Roll !!!

Jesus, I’ve wrote quite a lot – I must have liked it. Top Rockin’ Stuff !!


By Glenn Milligan