Doro Pesch and Warlock - Live

(Classic Pictures - 2001)

When the sounds and vibes of UFO and Iron Maiden were being worked over countlessly in the 80's by umpteen artists, one band in particular will be remembered, even if it's just for their front-woman. If course, I'm talking about Warlock, fronted by the ex-model come Metal Godess Doro Pesch. This gig was recorded at Camden Palace, London in September 1985 and I must've missed this one when ITV were showing their 'Cue the Music' series a few years ago at about 2 or 3 O'clock in the morning - mid-week (talk about great scheduling - not).

Spandex and big hair is in full abundance here - making the gig open for hailing and criticism alike. These cats could dress well aspecially Miss. Pesch herself with the long blonde hair flowing down her back. The set list is old-school metal and some more metal and touches on material like 'Out of Control', 'Metal Racer', 'All Night' and closer 'Time to Die'.

The sound quality is a bit of a let down - bad T.V sound plus high pitch and echo don't go together too well - the other quirk I have is that it's rather hard to work out exactly what is being sung as it is rather indistinguishable a lot of the time (due to the strong German accent), although the crowd don't seem to have a problem with it. It really is a sign of the times because there's quite a few Saxon t-shirts in the audience - now that's a rare sight in the U.K. these days. We are even treated with a drum solo as well -the usual slam around the toms the marches up tempo mixed in a stack of boom, boom, booms on the bass drum - you've this solo seen a thousand times - but it's always cool to watch, just for the nostalgia value alone. Fists to pump into the air should be at hand throughout.

The DVD includes the audio CD version, a full Warlock/Doro Discography, Track selection and Biography.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS