Drive By Truckers – Live From Austin TX
(New West Records – 2009)

Filmed live on September 26th, 2008, we get the Georgia legends live at the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas there are 82 mins of pure southern countryesque joy.

It sees them in front of largish-sized but kinda intimate audience and they are having a joyous gig indeed. The sound quality and band are both outstanding with Patterson, Mike and Shonna delighting us with some sweet vocals, quirky at times but real-life lyrics that make a big difference to the usual pretense material you become commercially used to.

13 is a lucky number in this case and you can’t go wrong with a set that includes an epicically explained ’18 Wheels Of Love’; the awesome Stonesiness of ‘Marry Me’ & ‘3 Dimes Down’; a tribute to one of Patterson Hood’s legends in ‘The Living Bubba’; the beautiful acoustic county number ‘Perfect Timing’ and ‘Puttin’ People On The Moon’ with its stab at Bush.

A DVD that is essential. (Cd also included).


By Glenn Milligan