Gorgoroth - Black Mass Krakow 2004
(Metal Mind Records)

Gorgoroth are a black metal band from Norway, who recorded a DVD in Poland 1st February 2004. The reason the DVD has taken nearly 5 years to surface is due to the publicity that surrounded the whole gig. Gorgoroth were accused of offending religious feeling during the gig (This could have landed the band in prison for 5 years) and were also suspected of breaching Polish law concerning Animal rights.

Gorgoroth are widely known for their antichristian ideology, promised a show that would never be forgotten. The show consists of a line of goats heads placed on stakes along the front of the stage, naked people with bags over their heads were at the side of the drum kit and continuous dripping blood and an amazing pyro show.

The DVD consists of 13 tracks from the gig, which include ‘Procreating Satan’, ‘Possessed (By Satan)’, ‘Of Ice and Movement’ and ‘Destroyer’ to name but a few. Bonus footage from ‘With Full Force Festival’ is also included; the disc also contains full-animated menu, discography, photo gallery, biography, desktop images and weblinks.

A must for any death metal fan.


By Tony Watson