Heaven & Hell - Neon Nights - Live At Wacken
(Eagle Vision - 2010)

The gig is truly amazing from 2009 and features many songs from the main 2 albums 'Heaven & Hell' and 'Mob Rules' as well as material from 'Dehumanizer' and 'The Devil You Know' their last studio album. The stage is literally massive and Ronnie is amazed by the amont of flags out in the audience at Wacken. The sound qulaity is real incredible on the DVD and there are so many highlights on the 90 minutes or so headlining gig that include faves like 'Mob Rules' 'Die Young' the one with a small title that means a lot in 'I'; 'Neon Nights' and 'Children Of The Sea', not to mention newer numbers like 'Bible Black' and Fear'.

Sad to think it was Ronnie's last ever filmed gig but he does himself proud throughout and everybody else for that matter - incredible how faultless he is vocally at around 67 years old and makes you hope that you will personally be as gifted at that age.The rest of the guys are well - masters of the craft and 100% top of their game and you can't say a bad word about any part of the concert at all.

Also included are really revealing interviews separately done with each member of the band that concern getting all the reunions of the band, the myths of the mixing of the 'Live Evil' live album, qriting and recording the songs from various periods and alo how they originally met in the 1st place as well as tributes by the remaining 3 to Ronnie James Dio.A pure viewing and listening joy to behold for the entire DVD duration.

A vital purchase with highlights also released on CD as well separately.


By Glenn Milligan