Hanoi Rocks - Buried Alive
(Backstage Alliance – 2009)

As the sub titled says, ‘The Last Show at the Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland, April 12th, 2009’ which clocks in at over 2 ½ hours. It’s hap-hazard, full of dodgy vocal notes both high and low but Hanoi Rocks were never known for their perfection and prefer to be simply rock ‘n’ roll for what it’s worth.

It’s loud and very colourful indeedy with even a great backdrop of a lightshow as well. As you can imagine there’s every hit in the gig – their has to be as it’s the final one before the curtains are finally drawn so to speak. 32 songs in all include classics like ‘Tragedy’; ‘Malibu Beach’; ‘Boulevard Of Broken Dreams; ‘Don’t You Ever Leave Me’; ‘Taxi Driver’ and newer numbers from the final album ‘Street Poetry’ such as the title track itself ; ‘Fashion’ & ‘People Like Me’.

Coolest bit is when a Shaven-head Nasty Suicide joins them for a cover of CCR’s ‘Travelin’ Band’ that sees Conny Bloom do some co-lead vocals and Michael on backies. Even ex-drummer Lacu comes on-stage for the ultimate final, ‘Up Around The Bend’. Plenty of killer sax and harp playing and tears from the fans as the night is coming to a close.

You even get a 12 minute bonus bit that shows the guys last week as a band featuring them chilling out backstage and speaking in Finnish as well, which us peeps over here ont be used to.

Long Live the Memories of the ‘Rocks!


By Glenn Milligan