Jefferson Airplane - Fly
(Eagle Vision -2004)


A fantastically enlightening rockumentary about one of the most important American bands of the late 60's - The Jefferson Airplane. There are in-depth recent interviews with each member of the band who give you a run down of all parts of their career.

Songwise, you'll see a mass of incredible footage of complete performances that range from 'It's no secret' (from 'Bell Telephone Hour) right through to 'Embryonic Journey' (from their induction into 'The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame')

A really colourful celebration awaits because this is pure psychedelic bliss at its pinnacle with highlights amass that include the revolutionary kick up the authority lyrics and sounds of 'Volunteers' & 'We can be together (up against the wall motherf*ckers)'; the trippified 'White Rabbit' & 'High Flying Bird and tons more.

You'll be drawn in within seconds and become part of a spiritual experience that made San Francisco the ultimate place to be in the days of flower power. Become part of it - tune in, tune over and cop out with the flower-power children who dance so gracefully to the Air' sounds flying around their beautiful bodies - maybe you were on of them?


By Glenn Milligan