Kreator – Enemy Of God Live
(SPV – 2006)


Kreator have been one of my fave bands since the earl 80’s so this DVD was an eye opener for me. Shot at the Wacken Festival 2005 where they are live on the ‘Black Stage’ the grainy appearance of the film adds to the live atmosphere though at times when the screen is split into 3 it is a pain.

1st up are ‘Enemy of God’ and ‘Impossible Brutality’ which are just a warm up that leads into ‘Pleasure to Kill’ – a classic. ‘Phobia’ is awesome (Arena Metal !) and the crowd are getting into it big time. This band deserves more credit and bands like Trivium & In Flames could do with a back track just to see how metal of this nature was born. We get ‘Violent Retribution’; ‘Suicide Terrorists’ and ‘Extreme Aggression’ – complete with bog roll – what an extreme band – kick ass metal how it should be done.

Who needs masks, gimmicks, charts or hype – Kreator have stood the test of time and come out the other side when ‘metal’ was a dirty word. ‘Voices Of The Dead’ is the power and melodic brilliance of a band – so tight it would make the Space shuttle crew door look dangerous. ‘Betrayer’ is awesome with a crowd mosh pit to match then the ‘Flag of Hate’ is waved - albeit more classic thrash. And there you have it, a full 60 minute set that has you saying, ‘F*ck me, I wish I’d gone to this gig!’

Extras include live tracks from ‘Rockpalast’ 2005 plus video clips that also includes a ‘Making of…’ It’s just the graininess of the picture that lets the DVD down – apart from that, Good on ya Millie.


By Tred