Life of Agony - River Runs Again: Live 2003
(SPV - 2003)


A reunion gig from a club in New York sees the original line back together. The crowd are crammed in and diving and slamming like complete maniacs and don't mind sharing a few bruises.

Life of Agony come across like an average Black Sabbath and at times out of tune guitars with a rather tired 'Keith Caputo' on vocals. I have witnessed worse performances though. The band must done something right because they got a UK tour later that year. The best numbers at this concert are 'Rivers run dry'; the bouncing thrashing 'This Time' and the too-close-to-the-band-for-comforts 'Heroin Dreams'.

There are extras such as short interviews with all members of 'Agony with some Dynamo footage from yonks ago but unless you are an LOA fanatic I can't see this DVD doing a lot for you.


By Glenn Milligan