Heavy Metal – Louder Than Life (A Film by Dick Carruthers)
(Metropolis Group/Fremantle Media – 2006)


This is a very in-depth film that goes right to core of Heavy Metal – what it does for us and why, why we like it, how it started, who does it for us and why etc – there are tons of interviews with the stars of the genre that include ex or present members bands including Korn, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Ratt, Iron Maiden, Testament, Overkill, Motorhead and many, many more. These guys basically tell the story for us all to lavish in.

Intercut bits of promo videos there’s plenty to keep you interested and even includes those all important Heavy Metal stories, many of which ain’t been heard before by a large audience coming from the likes of Ronnie James Dio, Kevin Shirley, Phil Taylor and Ian Paice to name but a few. You get to find out what some of the stars number one albums are too and why.

It comes with a bonus DVD that’s a good laugh with a sent up c*ck rock Spinal Tap band called ‘Metal School’, a 30 minute or so interview with Dee Snider on Metal where he holds back no punches about the genre and other aspects regarding the industry and a send up secret interview called ‘Confessions of a Headbanger’ that although is very OTT happens to be true in a lot of cases such as what Heavy Metal fans wear and unwritten rues about the music. Then it’s on on a 20 minute plus time line that runs from 1969 to 2005 that highlights all the main metal milestones along the way such as festival appearances, the release of pinnacle albums and when the odd notable artist has died etc.

Well worth a view or two for defo. You might even learn a few things as well.


By Glenn Milligan