Motorhead - Inferno 30th Anniversary bonus DVD

(SPV - 2005)

Split into 5 sections this is a must-have even if you already bought the Inferno album when it originally came out. You get soe highlights from the 30th Anniversary Hammy Odeon Gig - sorry Hammersmith Apollo - well old habits die hard - f*ck it, it'll always be the Hammy Odeon in many a rockers eyes!! This gig got moaned about because the special guests werent that special like they were on the Boneshaker 25th Anniversary gig - but what makes this special is the fact that they bring back some gems like 'Love For Sale'; the dropped but always requested 'We are the road crew', not to mention a chance to hear 'In the name of Tragedy' without Phil's backing vocals because the mike wasn't working or they forgot to pipe the sound through or summat daft like that. Then there's the almighty 'Bomber' with the even more almighty Bomber rig.

The 'Whorehouse Blues' promo-video is a right old larf too - which shows the 'head in the dressing room and in the strip club with lap-dancers around them - well what a f*ck*n' suprise, as well as famous people around them like Elton John, Jack Nicholson, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Liam Gallagher and Tony (not Iommi but Blair - who had his own little lapdance and gets pushed over by Lemmy - shock horror!!) - now before you get excited about this - they were lookalikes but it works wonders.

The Making of Whorehouse Blues is hilarious especially when Phil Campbell is asking them questions as though they are the real stars such as 'Asking Elton John why he is eating fast food rubbish after spending so much money on health farms" or when he takes them all down the pub - the looks on the general publics faces are priceless !! Lemmy still don't like making f*ck*ng videos and a couple of strippers have no idea who the band are, apart from the fact that they know they are legends - what - where they been for the last 30 years - how can you not know who Motorhead are?

So that's what the album/logo designer looks like - an old dude with big beard and shaven head - of course I mean the man, Joe Petagno - the creator of the Helmet Dog-Boar or Snaggletooth as he is fondly called. Joe takes you through the albums, sleeve by sleeve, even showing versions that didn't make the final cut because Lemmy didn't like 'em - such as the 'Rock 'n' Roll' cover.

There's even an hour plus programme about the history of the band that features all current members plus Fast Eddie Clarke and Phil Taylor. It's hilarious especially the nuttyness of Philthy Phil and his mad moments like 'sh*gg*ng a bag of popcorn' as Lemmy puts it but Phil argues it was an unsliced loaf; the far-out tall stories of legendary Producer Jimmy Miller of why he was late into the studio, how Eddie got the job in the band and what got Phil Campbell and some roadies covered a greedy lying promoters genitalia in - he says he has pictures too - we gotta see these.

Every 'head fan needs this DVD.


By Glenn Milligan