Nashville Pussy - Live In Hollywood
(SPV - 2008)

As my buddy Jon Hardcastle, drummer from the band Silver-Jet stated, "Nashville Pussy are the b*st*rd inbread incestual drug fueled drunken sons and daughters of Motorhead, Lynyrd Skynrd and AC/DC" - which I sure couldn't have put better for y'all so I let him have the 1st words.

This filmed gig is a warts 'n' all performance with the odd bum note (even asking if they are in tune) but l'll let them off for that as this show is 100% real with strictly no oversdubs - just full on rock 'n' roll. 70 minutes of pure loud energy with songs like the opening 'Pussy Time' (What time is it!!); the classic 'Go Motherf*ck*r Go'; 'I'm The Man'; the brilliantly titled 'Hate & Whiskey' about where frontman Blaine Cartwright was from, even saying, "at least i didn't die in a nursing home in kentucky like all my other relatives", and instead formed this killer band who are based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ruyter Suys is the female Angus Young so I suppose that makes Karen Kuda the female Malcolm with drummer Jeremy Thompson being like a cross between Frank Beard of ZZ Top & original Status Quo drummer, John Coghlan. Blaine Cartwright is well, to put it bluntly, like a southern Whiskey soaked Lemmy on guitar and vocals. There's many musical highlights that include songs such as 'I'm gonna hitchhike to Cincinnatti ad kick the sh*t outta your drunk daddy'; their 100 miles per hour version of Ike & Tina Turner's 'Nutbush City Limits'; 'She's Meaner than my Momma' 'Lazy White Boy'; 'Good Night for a Heart Attack' and many many more!!

It's great to see that Blaine is so modest telling us that Nashville Pussy are his favourite band before introdicing all the members and even shows us the 5th and oldest member of the band, Mr. Jack Daniels, that sees that band drink some and spray it direct into fans mouths - no that's cool sh*t! You know when the gig is totally over as well see Ruyter rip the majority off strings of her SG but man, what a great show they gave!

It don't just stop there though as there's a ton of extras such as the Interview with Lemmy on the Tour Bus, Blaine snogging Marianne Faithful backstage and a hord of footage from gigs in Europe and Canada - good stuff indeed - a band well worth seeing !


By Glenn Milligan