Oliver/Dawson's Saxon - Rock Has Landed - It's Alive
(Live at Pennington's Nightclub, Bradford, UK)


After hearing the CD version of the event I have to say that the DVD is miles better. There's a lappin' handful of Saxon classics like 'Rock and Roll Gypsy'; 'Dallas 1pm'; 'The Eagle Has Landed' (with NASA footage); 'Strong arm of the law'; and 747 (Strangers in the night) as well as the odd newies like 'Bitch of a place to be' co-written by frontman John 'Wardi' Ward.

What makes this a crackin' buy apart from those heavy metal staples are the humourous insights into the personalities of the band members like the sword-fencing with snooker cues wearing cardboard boxes on their heads; strippers in the dressing room; Steve Dawson in just his underpants and Haydn Conway passing on the question on what made him play guitar before a admitting that he didn't want to be a plasterer or the lead up to the bar for breakfast on the ferry.

It really is as funny as f*ck especially when they sport those broad Barnsley accents and all these mad interludes are cut in between the songs. Also thrown in is a history of the band and a photo-gallery.

Live up it all with 75 minutes of hearty black leather gyrating old-school rockers.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS