The Quireboys - Live In London
(Global Music Group- 2010)

I am sure this got released a few years ago, but it's out again on their current label. It catches them live at the Marquee Club in 2002 and introduced by the legendary DJ Krusher, seeing them in the short-lived line-up that featured Jason Bonham on drums - back in the day when Nigel Mogg was still on Bass and Luke Bossendorfer was on guitar. Man, it's a small stage with Spike and Nige bumping into each other on the odd occasion. There's f*ck*n' water on there too which mystifies their frontman - haha.

It's from the time when the Qboys were promoting their 'This Is Rock 'N' Roll' album with this support to Thunder set feat. the title track itself not to mention the opening 'C'Mon' which they are still starting shows with it these actually as it gets the crowd fully revved up and dying to know what monster rock classics are gonna hit their ears next. They are in fine form, well apart from Spike nearly bluffing the words on 'Misled' - unless it was purposely done. He gets the crowd to laugh for him after showing them the scar where the lady brok his heart - you are supposed to laugh he says and gets them to laugh again, "We'll use take 2", he heartedly says to the well-packed audience.

Guy's slidin' on the six stringer comes off a real treat during the gig and sounds warm and wonderful as does all the vibes of the entire band. The whole concert has excellent sound throughout with the picture being so high qualitry with gorgious colour, sharpness and contrast making you wonder why some more recent DVD's from other artists can look so shoddy in comparison. I like the way that it goes from colour to black and white and vice-versa to add extra depth and visual vibed emotion to the concert. 'Whole Lotta Love' is heard, well part of the beat via Mr. Bonham and you almost expect the band to launch into it - but it aint to be. Not to worry though when you get spoilt with hits and brilliant showstoppers like 'Tramps And Thieves'; 'Hey You'; '7 O Clock' and the almighty closer 'Sex Party' which everyone is invited to.

It even comes with a CD of the show too - you can't argue with that can you?


By Glenn Milligan