Ronnie Wood - Far East Man (DVD)
(SPV - 2002)

His first ever DVD - where the ex-Faces and long-term Rolling Stones Guitarist proves that he's a big hit out on his own even though he can hardly sing a note. Woody appears to be totally pissed as well at this Shepherd's Bush Empire gig (from November 2001) and during the course of a back-stage Interview. There's little wonder why Keith Richards threw Ronnie into detox before allowing him to do the current Stones World Tour - now that's irony for ya.

The gig set-list is a goldmine of classic numbers like the opening Reggae daze of 'Hey Negrita' (from The Rolling Stones 1976 album, 'Black 'n' Blue'; 'The Faces 'Ooh La La' featuring Andrea Corr on vocals and flute which sees Ronnie joke that he's just found out that she can't stand next to him. There's also instrumentals with Slash like 'Kilburn/crotch' and 'Paradise City where they attempt the chorus at times but rather shakily I have to admit.

It comes across strongly that Ronnie Wood would have died on his arse if it wasn't for his excellent backing band that included Daughter Leah on backing vocals', Uncle Vinnie (Ronnie's cousin) also on vocals and Son Jesse on (Guitar/vocals) - in fact, his family are a sheer credit to him.

The best renditions have got to be the Harrison/Wood number 'Far East Man' (written in 1974). Ronnie's solo track, I am grooving you' and arguably one of the most unspoken Faces classics 'Flying' from their debut 'First Step' from 1970 - this sees Jesse and Vinnie share the high vocal section and they pull it off ok - even if Vinnie does sound in pain on occasions because of the hard to reach notes - that Rod Stewart hit without a problem.

The sound quality throughout is brilliant and simply could not be any better. In Good old DVD style (well not that old), you are greeted with bonus footage that includes the band backstage where Ronnie informs us what got him into Rock 'n' Roll in the first place as well as him doing a photo-shoot plus seeing him relaxing with Slash connected to a nice glass of amber nectar - well this is rock 'n' roll when all's said and done.

Check out the Art Gallery as well where you'll recognize some familiar Faces - excuse the pun.

Ronnie has dedicated the DVD to his late, great mate Mr. George Harrison, MBE.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

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