S.O.D – 20 Years of Dysfunction
(Megaforce Records – 2005)

A collection of fan shot concerts thrown together on one DVD where you will find some Stormtrooper classics repeated around such as ‘Speak English or Die’ or ‘Milk’. As you’d expect there’s plenty of mad moshing throughout the footage, rough as f*ck sound and brutal, heavy as sh*t metal of the hardcore variety. There’s a humourous section on here with Billy Milano being interviewed and there’s police sirens and gunshots in the background somewhere – nice neighbourhood – lol. Highlights include the skinhead dude who jumps up and down when Billy shouts jump, instead of into the audience – I’m sure it’s all for the laugh of it & the round, round side of Billy Milano

Song highlights include greatest hits like ‘Speak English or Die’ with it’s Slayer section; ‘Milano Mosh’; a collection of ballads e.g. ‘The Ballad of Kurt Cobain’ that is dedicated to Courtney Love’s Hole – lmao or should that be lmho; ‘I want some MILK’.

Be sure to check out all the mini concerts from Japan, USA and a couple more places. Look out for the orange rubber dingy, the 2 interviews (Billy Milano & Alex Perilias) and the 911 tribute. And not only that there’s also a live bootleg cd entitled ‘Pussywhipped’ with all the classics on it.


By Glenn Milligan