Sebastian Bach - Forever Wild
(Eagle Vision - 2004)

Well what else would the blonde ever-energetic ex-Skid Row frontman be but 'Forever Wild' - it's all or nothing with Seb.

This DVD is a series of VH-1 Music first programmes intercut with a gig at The Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood - the concert ain't great sound quality at all - rather muddy and mono like an old privately filmed bootleg video - which I guess it is in all honesty but it has the spontaneity and epic songs which need no introduction - these being rock and metal masterpieces like 'I remember you'; 'Slave to the grind'; the immortal 'Youth Gone Wild' and of course '18 & Life' - how could that one not be included. These are intercut with post-'Row material such as The Last Hard Mens 'The most powerful man in the world' and a killer cover of Kiss's 'Parasite' (dedicated to Gene Simmonds who Seb sez was somewhere in the building that night).

It shows Seb to be in fantastic Rock 'n' Roll mood all through the proceedings especially during the sections where he is rehearsing with his band in the basement; hunting with Ted Nugent; checking out a memorabilia shop or car racing against Vince Neil.

Full-on shenanigans reign throughout - this is how rock stars should be - larger than life and packed to the hilt with never-ending charisma and charm.


By Glenn Milligan