Stephen Pearcy - Live in Buffalo, NY 22nd June '04
(Top Fuel Entertainment - 2004)

A bit like a bootleg shot at the back of the hall and zoomed in. Sadly the sound quality on the DVD is below average and apprears to be in mono. No doubt the live concert sound itself was miles better. His band (The Rat B*st*rds) are great, especially the lead guitarist who does his absolute best at backing vocals too (and some of those notes are damn high).

Stephen is suffering with jetlag but he's happy to be back in New York stating that he's happy to play places where many pussies (his words) and that he's celebrating 20 years of Ratt plus has a brand new album out called 'Fueler' (that's reviewed on the site also). He humourously introduced a hat-trick of Ratt songs as 'The Ugly Three' known to us as 'Lack of Communication'; 'Lay it down' and the Rock Club classic 'You're in Love' which the New Yorkers go wild to.

You can tell that Stephen cares about his fanbase and thanks the fans for joining in on the songs and even answers when somebody shouts a question - not to mention some good old 'Yeps' in the set too. Finding time to include a couple of covers, 'Walking the Dog' and one of my favourite Judas Priest songs 'You've got another thing coming' and of course songs of his own like 'Overdrive' and 'U got it' and then some...

Let's face it, how can you get any better when the gig concludes with legendary lyrical 80's rock standards like 'Round and Round' and 'Way Cool Jnr'. This is a cool gig to view but I bet it was hot in that club.

Come on UK venues and Promoters, let's see Stephen Pearcy and his Ratt B*st*rds over here - we wanne get the pleasure of seeing a gig like this in the flesh.


By Glenn Milligan