Stone Temple Pilots - Alive In The Windy City
(Eagle Vision - 2012)

A bang on form sold outgig from one of those bands that got labelled under that grunge banner at the time.

They are there onstage playing a cross section of hits from their career and I am really impressed with the quality of Scott Weiland's voice as it's absolutely perfect in every single way and does not drop a single note at all. It makes you think, 'Is it live or is it memorex I am listening to?' But guys on this level don't need to mine do they?

Highlights on the songathon include well known numbers such as 'Sex Type Thing'; 'Interstate Love Song' and 'Creep' that are intercut with album songs such as 'Sour Girl'; 'Bagman'; 'Hollywood Bitch' and 'Lounge Fly' (with some acoustic guitar) and many more. Excellent sound all round as it's crystal clarity throughout with a very enegetic crazy crowd, not to mention excellent camera shots as well.

You even get an Interview bonus section with the band too to find out how they really tick on and off the stage.


By Glenn Milligan