Tangerine Dream - Live In America '92
(Eagle Vision - 2004)

Famed instrumental proggers recorded live in the United States, well to be exact on October 25th 1992 at the Paramount Theatre, Seattle. If you'ce never experienced them before then behold for a cross between Jean Michele Jarre and Pink Floyd.

This ain't no ordinary gig either - you know the usual song by song with talking in between every so often etc. This concert DVD is filled with visual delay effects on the bands, a ton of lasers darting around, not to mention specially shot films (on a backdrop in the theatre) that us in DVD see and alot of the time taking over the full tv screen such as the band riding pushbikes in the desert during the song 'Dolls in the Shade'.

There's an awesome track in 'Oriental Haze' where Linda Spa plays her Saxophone and looks absolutely hot in cut off blue denim shorts and black, studded, leather jacket against a film backdrop of coloured street like glow from that bridge in San Francisco, whatever it's called !!

There's no interaction with the audience at all though but I guess this would kill the vibe and atmosphere of the music, especially 'Backstreet Haze' which is a very Floyd type number that's got a kaliedoscope backdrop.

This DVD will send your eyes nutty with the lights off and your brain even nuttier even more if you are high drugs (and no I wasn't before you ask). This is well worth a watch or three and will totally chill you out. Also included is an audio CD of the show too.


By Glenn Milligan