TESTAMENT - Live in London
(Eagle Vision – 2005)

The recent reunion tour of San Francisco’s Testament’s original line up has kicked up so much of a storm to boot that not only have they put it out as a CD (reviewed in the T section of CD Reviews) but straight onto DVD too. Basically though, you’re doing little more than listening to another copy of the album but one where you can watch it in the recording of, too.

Ably shot it may be but there’s not that much more left to write about apart from how well Chuck Billy’s shaped up in more ways than one) since his recent battle with cancer. Oh and lead guitar legend Alex Skolnick’s scary new haircut.

For some reason, I am counting not five but six different members of the band during the interview feature before I kick myself for forgetting that both drummers old and new are involved in this outing. Frankly this is mostly of appeal to Testament die-hards only but for those who worshipped them at their best it is still a definite treat.


By Dave Attrill