Thin Lizzy - The Boys are back in Town
(Eagle Vision - 2003)

It's October 1978 and you're outside the Sydney Opera where 26,000 fans are goin' nuts - Why you ask? Because Thin Lizzy are electrifying all the air and eardrums.

With a line-up of Phil Lynott - Vocals/Bass, Gary Moore (Guitar), Scott Gorham (Guitar) and Mark Nausoff (Drums) you are witnessing a vital piece of Rock history. 47 minutes on unrelenting raucousness that's been unavailable in the UK until now.

This is pure excitement throughout and the down-under punters are screamin', dancin', singin' and clappin' from one song to the next which is no surprise when they get now classics such as 'Jailbreak'; 'Waiting for an alibi'; and 'The Boys are back in town'.

Okay, the split-screen effects are a bit naff but this was shot for television about 27 years ago and at the end of the day it's the music that's doing the talking and how can you argue with songs like 'Bad Reputation' and 'Baby Drives Me Crazy' not to mention the band sporting flash stagewear, the best being Phil's turquoise sparkly jacket which he discards after the first couple of numbers.

Wish all gigs had the zest like this has.


By Glenn Milligan