George Thorogood and The Destroyers - 30th Anniversary Tour - Live

(Eagle Vision - 2004)

The Nottingham Royal Concert Hall is a funny old place to find George and the boys - where many of the audience are sat down until 'Bad to the bone' starts up - so you could say that it was a bit lacking in atmosphere to say the least.

That aside, it's a cookin' slab of blues rock - bar-room style that's intercut with interview segments in and around the venue plus even at the airport where George talks about how he got the band together, his influences and loads more.

The stage itself is enormous with plenty of walking space to be covered on that wooden area and the auditorium is vast but is soon filled up with the classic sounds of 'I drink alone'; 'Who do you love'; 'The Fixer' and 'Night time' and of course what would a Detroyer show be like without the live staple of the killer Hooker longy that is 'One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer' .

The Elvis towel gag is a right laugh as is the part at the end where he throws a front row fan a t-shirt whose been wearing a Ramones top throughout - now that's a quality bit of humour - reckon I'll wear my Motorhead t-shirt if I go and see him the next time the Destroyers hit the UK.

Also included on the DVD is the video for the single 'American Made' - nothing to brag abut really just a stage thing from the same venue - minus the crowd. The acoustic version of 'Ride 'til I die' tho is well worth seeing that was shot in the dressing room - this proves he can play both the rhythm and lead at the same time and sing away too - sheer quality.

Worth getting.


By Glenn Milligan