TROUBLE - Live In Stockholm
(Escapi - 2006)

TRACKS - R.I.P., Come Touch The Sky, At The End Of My Daze, Plastic Green Head, Fear, Memory’s Garden, The Misery Shows (Act 2), Psalm 9, Run To The Light, All Is Forgiven, Psychotic Reaction, The Skull, Revelation, The Tempter.

BONUS GUBBINS - Interview, Image Gallery, DTS Surround Sound

Regarding the climate of the rock industry over recent years, Trouble’s re-appearance has been thankfully far from unwelcome, at least by the couple of thousand noisy Swedes packed into this room to grace the legendary Chicago metallers as if the intervening decade never took place.

Since disbanding in 1995 they’d of course been involved in other projects, frontman Eric Wagner’s short-lived late nineties outfit Lid of course being one of them. All said past attempts at reviving their individual careers elsewhere are safely forgotten as they resume their joint business in bruising shape, grinding through a belter-laden 80-minute set featuring material right the way from the band’s teething days up til 95’s ‘Plastic Green Head’ effort.

Their modernised Sabbath-like sound is easy to get into, mixing darkness and melody directly in two halves, guitarist Bruce Franklin still upholding the retro look with his handlebar ‘tache and headband all these years on and there is hardly a hookless number around. Add a respectable production and an entertaining 40-minute interview and Escapi’s most recommendable releases alongside the similarly structured Body Count offering, also out recently.

Hopefully you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking this one up.


By Dave Attrill