Twisted Sister – Live At The Astoria
(Demolition Visual Entertainment – 2008)

One of the best metal reunions of this new millenium – the ‘Sister are back – in London for this gig – the Astoria to be precise, blasting out a healthy helping of Twisted Hits. It was originally filmed for a pay-per-view – so did that ever go out?

There’s no doubt that most peoples faves are gonna be here that are well played by guys who may be about 18 years older than when they put tools down, one or 2 with an extra pound or two, not mention a couple of the band wearing dodgy wigs as well so they don’t look out of place as Joe Normal.

Highlights on here include ‘The Kids Are Back’; ‘Shoot ‘Em Down’; ‘Ride To Live’; ‘The Fire Still Burns’; ‘I Am, I’m Me’ & of course ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’. Love the slagging of American Idol/Pop Idol from Jay Jay French & the p*ss take of this Southern audience with Dee asking them if anywhere Motorcyles, saying that just this once he’d allow them if they had a moped or a scooter – proves humour still lies at the heart of it – with of course plenty of hard rock ‘n’ roll. Then there’s the p*ss taking of the UK promoters who are afraid to book the band because they don’t think there’s any enough draw for them over here.

It’s a pity they had to censor the name of the Head of their old Record Company who actually lives in London, but I guess that Demolition didn’t want a lawsuit on their hands – hahaha. Anyway, the lights are great and the band sound damn good on this hot august night in the middle of a f*ckin’ heatwave as Dee puts it.

This is well worth having for defo and even comes with a CD of the show as well. My only gripe is that they didn’t play ‘We’re Gonna Make It’ which is my favourite Twisted Sister song.


By Glenn Milligan