Twisted Sister - Live At Wacken - The Reunion
(Eagle/Armoury - 2010)

The DVD is of decent content but the piccy is grainy and sound is really low and needs to be turned up a lot. As you can imagine there are plenty of old classics such as 'The Fire Still Burns'; 'SMF'; 'We're Not Gonna Take It' (where they do a killer reprisal of to please the fans) at Wacken Metal Festival, in Germany plus the gig for Jason is cool with the blue men, not to mention the band getting together on November 28th 2001 for the New York 911 tribute. The DVD is intercut with very infomative honest interview sections stating how they fell out and eventually got back together as a 5 piece complete original member band again.

Love the section where the guys talk about how they were then and how they are now as people, how they felt about putting on the make-up and going from being away for 16 years to headlining major European Rock & Metal Festivals like Wacken & Sweden Rock. Nice section also when they went over to play for the troops on the border of North & South Korea and rocked out with them on a personal basis.

The stage at Wacken is of epic proprtions, not to mention the giant black inflatable balls that are hurled into the crowd by the cew and band alike and they immense TS logo burning bhind the band too. Great to see each member says a thankyou at the end of the show from the Interview section to the fans for being there and more. Also included as bonus is footage of Dee in the vocal booth re-recording some of the 'Still Hungry' album as well as footage of the Mendoza Choir in action as well for various choruses and chant sections of the songs.

As an extra bonus there's also a CD enitled 'Live...Past & Present' that features some old material from Detroit, MI & Portchester, NY from May 1980 where you get to hear the 'Sister bash out a speeded up version of Steppenwolf's 'Born To Be Wild' as well as 'I Am, I'm Me' from Wacken that isn't featured on the DVD.


By Glenn Milligan