Velvet Revolver - Live In Houston
(Eagle/Armoury - 2010)

It is what it says on the back of the box of the DVD - a concert shot in Houston, Texas in 2005. It is intercut with interviews with all of the band members, saying how the band members got together and working with each other, not to mention footage of this hot model called Iris or something like that who is asked questions by an interviewer as well - a strange 'n' bizarre thing to put in but somehow it works.

Velvet Revolver are on pretty much fine form, back in the day when all was rosey between Weiland and the rest of the band - sadly times changed. The set is made up of an array of songs such as numbers from their debut album 'Contraband' with haighlights being the singles 'Set Me Free'; 'Slither' with one of the coolest guitar solos of the last decade and the spine-tingling ballad 'Falling To Pieces' written by Scott when he was in his withdrawl from drugs stage. He also informs the crowd that this was the place where the last STP gig took place and it was a celebration for him to be playing there with the new band.

Slash talks a bit making a joke regarding his big top hat in Texas and how much he was happy to be there. Pity his solo in the GNR Lies number 'Used To Love Her' is all over the place - I am guess he ain't played the song in ages or could not hear too well. Elsewhere he is as usual completely faultless and still one of the coolest looking rock dudes on the planet. Duff is really open about things and sounds great on bass with Dave complementing Mr. Hudson perfectly while Matt is the stickmaster powerhouse general as ever.

Great to hear some Stone Temple Pilot songs as well that mould in with the VR songs real naturally (well Weiland wrote them so what do you expect) with 'Sex Type Thing' finishing off the nights set. It was good while it lasted and there's plenty of use of Scott's Megaphone - at times it does get a bit overbearing though but his wild dancing on this massive stage makes up for it. There are some excellent visual effects on the DVD such as some killer mirror imagery that works to the fullest effect while Slash is soloing away to his hearts content.

A DVD for all fans to watch and reminis over, thinking about how good Velvet Revolver were in concert in their prime.


By Glenn Milligan