W.A.S.P. - The Sting (Live at the Key Club 22/04/00)
(Snapper Music - 2002)

This is a no-bullsh*t club gig from everyone's favourite shock rockers, W.A.S.P. piped out over the Internet on Earth Day. Here Lawless oozes bombastic rulership throughout this performance. Even Chris Holmes is to be found at the guitar helm - glad it was captured on film before he jumped ship yet again. Terrific explosions are let rip with the clap of Mr. Lawless's hands - now that's what I call Black magic. Drummer, Stet Howland is as tight as ever, beating it to hell throughout the entire gig - I love his knack of standing up over the kit and giving it that extra overhead punch when he can't reach that cymbal when being seated ... a gargantuan player.

Musically it's a tight as hell set that blows off with 'Helldorado' and comes to a hot climax with 'Blind in Texas'. 'Murders in the Rue Morgue' sees solo tradings from Blackie and Chris - in fact according to the inclusive Biography from Dante Banuto - this here song has been around for quite a wee while - so why it took so long to be recorded and thrown to the metal masses is anyone's guess.

Some might call the set a greatest hits package and who can fault them when classics like 'Wild Child', 'Sleeping in the Fire' and Animal (f*ck like a beast) are solid staples of the nights set-list. In fact, Blackie informs the crowd that the late large but great comedian Sam Kenison was the influence behind the song - to find out why - buy the DVD and be ready witness his full-on blasting crotch !! What woman would want to be on the receiving end of that ?

A couple of microphone problems hinder the set slightly - but does this bother Mr. B - as if !! as well as Chris Holme's guitar going out of tune about halfway through the gig - he tuned it though and briskly returns though. It's also amazing just how much the bass player looks like keyboard player, Martin Powell from Cradle of Filth.

The DVD is worth buying alone to see Blackie spinning around on his evil demon, Harley mike or should I say body stand during rock milestone 'The Real Me' that also sees pyro coming from either side of his waist.

If this gig is anything to go by I hope they are over here in the U.K. before the year is out.

Also included is a full discography, biography and accompanying Audio CD.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS