Wednesday 13 – F**k It, We’ll Do It Live
(Demolition Visual Entertainment – 2008)

After going to see him live 3 times on different tours, it’s great to able to blast the speakers up and watch once of gigs in the comforts of my own home with a soft sofa and hot cuppa tea.

Coming Live from Crocodile Rock, Allenton, GA on 17th July 2008 its brutal as it happened and totally uncleaned – just the way I remembered it at Sheffield. It’s amazing just how tight this band are with like a split second between each song. Cool to see the song titles comes on ther screen as well in case you didn’t know them. Mr. 13 tells the fans that theres microphones and cameras around as its being film so everyone can be f*ck*ng rockstars tonight and gives ‘em of what words they can say – I’m sure they’ll say a lot more as well.

There’s no doubt they were ready for a good 45 seconds or so break after the 1st 7 songs of which included luvverly juvverlies as ‘I Want You... Dead’; ‘Not Another Teenage Anthem’ and ‘From Here to the Hearse’ with the well ... a ballad I guess in ‘Skeletons.

The audience are really impressive when they scream ‘F*ck Yeah’ and Wednesday says they can come home and f*ck his sister – lol – it tells me she won’t get much sleep for a few days as this venue is completely packed.

Thrown in between the sickness of Wednesday’s own numbers like ‘Happily Cadaver After’ and the bell tolling scariness of ‘Look What The Bats Dragged In’ is a heavied up version of Tom Petty’s ‘Runnin’ Down A Dream’ that he told me was a song he loved – it sounds so f*ck*n’ fine as well here boy – wonder what Tom would say to it.

Then it’s back to some more happy ditties like ‘Rambo’ that comes complete with his gun and of course the swear-word free notness of of ‘I Love To Say F*ck’ as the encore number. “You can be a star tonight, all you gotta say is F*ck – louder – keep it going” and that goes for you at home.

Pipe up that punk-edged rockin ghoul metal or whatever it is the media call the tunes of Old Weddy 13 Boy and the Band! And as the man himself says, “Thank You And Good Night”.

Comes with a CD of the gig too !


By Glenn Milligan