Motley Crue - Greatest Video Hits
(Motley Records / Hip-O Records)


Crue Heads rejoice! Herein you will find the most comprehensive Motley video collection to date. 27 kick ass Crue classics are the highlight of this compilation, including the banned X rated version of "Girls, Girls, Girls" and the uncensored version of "Primal Scream". Hats off to the Crue for making the effort to make this DVD special, as opposed to a rehash of a previous release (Guns N' Roses "Welcome To The Videos", anyone?") The collection spans the band's storied career, including clips from the Motley Crue album featuring John Corabi on vocals.

Highlights include "You're All I Need", a controversial ballad which was banned from MTV for its extreme subject matter. "Enslaved", which exemplifies the band's vision lyrically is hard to find and represented here. Live clip "Wild Side" showcases Tommy Lee's amazing drum kit from the Girls, Girls, Girls tour which is truly a fantastic visual and one of the most innovative live props in Rock N' Roll history. "Live Wire" gives newer Crue heads a glimpse into the band's early, dark imagery with its occult themed stylization (The footage of bassist Nikki Sixx setting his pants on fire while performing is a classic stunt). And no Crue video collection would be complete without their rendition of Brownsville Station's "Smokin' in the Boys Room"; a fun and lighthearted look at the glammed out Crue which remains a staple on AOR stations to this very day.

The uncensored version of "Misunderstood", featuring Corabi on vocals delivers a distinct contrast to the band's other material. Musically, this track delivers a different side of Motley Crue that Vince Neil fans may have missed out on. Visually this clip is disturbing and thought provoking, providing a powerful message on the topic of suicide.

One of the best features of the disc is the ability to generate a personal playlist, viewing the clips in the order that you choose. Another great bonus feature is a recent interview with bassist Sixx and drummer Lee, which provides insight as to the band's perspective on the videos and gives the viewer some great feedback as to the origins and concepts surrounding the bands many fantastic shorts.

Dedicated fans of Motley Crue will find that this DVD goes a long way toward satisfying their hunger for Crue material and this compilation certainly leaves me looking for more great videos in the future. This is a great retrospective from Rock N Rolls most notorious Bad Boys that is sure to keep Crue heads waiting for the big reunion that surely lies just around the corner. Grab a cold one and enjoy some of the best Rock videos ever made today. The Crue Rules!

By Star (from Detroit)

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