Saxon - The Saxon Chronicles
(SPV - 2003)

Kickin' off with a gig from Wacken, Germany, 2001 that cooks well, pretty packed and plenty of macho male fans sporting black. Biff's in swear mode, shouting out as many 'f*ckin's as possible and really goes OTT on it.

There's bites from 'Dogs of War' and 'Unleash the beast' and live staples like 'Solid Ball of Rock'; a heavier 'Heavy Metal Thunder'; the obligatory singalong 'Wheels of Steel' and 'Princess of the night'. It's good to see the Eagle lighting rig above and behind 'em.

A bonus CD is added that includes Biff Byford answering loadsa questions with regard to his career in Saxon; early tv clips from Look North, Calendar and Top of the pops (Never Surrender); promo videos like 'Suzie Hold On' and 'Killing Ground', not to mention an interview with Keith 'Cheggars Plays Pop' Chegwin on The Big Breakfast. The only grumble I have is that some of the songs aren't in complete form in the history section.

A set every Saxon fan should have.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS