Saxon - To Hell & Back Again
(SPV - 2007)

Now how can you argue with over 5 hours of Saxon - I know I can't anyway and thousands more won't either.

It catches the band recording the 'Lionheart' album at Biff's Studio that's jokingly next to a turnip field in the middle of f*ck*ng nowhere - not far from Biffs house, so he can go home and sleep with the missis - lol.

It's full of interviews with each member of the band, as opposed to just Biff always being the mouthpiece for them, showing how they all tick in and out of the studio. A very informative DVD indeed. It's intercut with concert footage, soundchecking, the making of videos like 'Lionheart'. It's nice to see Biff with his children which brings it all down to earth and back home.

Seeing is believing and believe me this 2 DVD set is totally worth seeing. On DVD 2 you get the full versions of the live songs featured on DVD1 as well as videos for new material like 'If I was you' and 'I've got to Rock to stay alive'.

Well that review sold it to me anyway - now it's your turn to enjoy one of the east metal-laden 5 hours of your life in front of the tv.


By Glenn Milligan