Acey Slade (of Murderdoll's/Trash Light Vision)

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan between 11.30 pm - 11.55pm

Venue: The Corporation, Sheffield (after the Trash Light Vision show and signing session)

Date: 4th July 2004

Glenn: Hi Acey, it was a good show.

Acey: Thank you very much.

Glenn: The kids really enjoyed it.

Acey: The Murderdolls are very fortunate that they have the best fans on the f*ck*n' planet so when it came to putting this new thing together (Acey Slade's 'Trash Light Vision) one of the 1st things I wanted to do was come straight here (UK). We did about 7 US shows just to warm up.

Glenn: Where did you play in the US?

Acey: Mostly Philadelphia - other than New York City but the rest of the band are all really, really old friends of mine. I grew up in Philadelphia and when I started putting this thing together, first I started looking around New York and I was looking for new guys and every f*ck*ng guy who came across was like, 'Oh you're in the Murderdolls - you have like a record deal right now? Do you have this? Do you have that? How much money will you pay me?' and I'm like 'F*ck off dude!'

Glenn: Breadheads (after the money).

Acey: Exactly and I'm like kiss my arse. So Steve and all those guys were still living in Philadelphia. So right now the band is kind of based out of Philadelphia because rent is like super-cheap there. It's where I'm from, we live in this apartment together, we rehearse there, we record there, we do everything there. We live like f*ck*ng pigs. We sleep on the floor. All we have are f*ck*ng eggs and beans and that sucks. So to answer your question, we played Philadelphia a bunch - mainly because that's where we are based out of right now and it's a really good place to cut your teeth because it's a really, really hard audience there. So it's like a tough crowd and it's like 'what's the f*ck*n' place for some tough motherf*ck*rs, you know ?' so we did one New York show.

Glenn: Would you say that Philadelphia is like the new age LA, like what that used to be like in the mid 80's?

Acey: A little bit. You mean by the look of the band?

Glenn: Well the attitude because there's a lot of competition between rock bands?

Acey: Oh Ok - You know, I don't know. I feel like a … I feel like what this band does and what The Murderdolls does is so removed from the trends that I don't feel like we have any competition and I don't mean that in an arrogant way. I just mean that 'who can we compete with that's similar? Velvet Revolver? Well we can't compete with them obviously - those guys have sold a couple of more records than us (laughs). I really don't give a sh*t what anybody thinks, you know? It's really unfortunate because it's like, 'I would like to help out as many people as I can but if it's not there in return, like f*ck 'em, you know?

Glenn: You've gotta get out there and look after yourselves.

Acey: Yeah exactly. I learned a lot from 'The Murderdolls' and I was fortunate enough to get a lot of equipment from people and everything and when I do a tour in Europe my equipment would be at home and I'd have people like, 'Hey can I borrow your amp?' and I'm like, 'Yeah'. The problem is, you know then I come home and now you know I don't know if I have a record deal for this damn band or not. I don't have any money coming in and I'm like, 'Oh guys, I need my amps back' and they're like 'Oh we'll give it to you later' - 'What the f*ck you talking about, you'll give it to me later? I want my sh*t back' and they'll return it and it's burned up and broken and everything. It's like, 'Thanks a lot man' and they're like, 'Well you've gotten it for free' and I'm like, 'I didn't get it for free I've worked f*ck*n' ten years to get this sh*t - kiss my arse - thanks a lot'. So there's a lot of lessons I've learned.

Glenn: What other bands have you been in previous to the Murderdolls?

Acey: I was in a band called 'Dope' over in America and recently I filled in on guitars for Amen which when 'The Murderdolls' stopped I was given a lot of opportunities to play with a lot of other bands that were gonna pay a lot of money and I said 'No' - like 'Trash Light Vision' is my only thing and I thought a lot of these bands were fly-by-night - you know I thought they were 'here today, gone later today' and I've worked really hard to establish myself and 'The Murderdolls' worked really hard and I didn't wanna do something that would let the fans down. I have to make myself happy but I got to make myself happy as well.

So when 'Amen' came up - that was the only band that was like, 'Alright, I'll do that' because I think they put on an insane live show and I think it matches 'The Murderdolls'. Actually those guys are really cool because I felt like The Murderdolls and Amen were the only two band that live could hang together. So it was a complete priviledge.

Glenn: With regard to audiences, would you say there is much difference between UK audiences and US audiences?

Acey: Yeah.

Glenn: In what way, who is the most wildest?

Acey: Absolutely the UK ones.

Glenn: Yeah, they go f*ck*ng crazy.

Acey: I know, I know it was great - really good.

Glenn: Would there ever be a chance of like a festival day together that would feature The Murderdolls, Slipknot, Stone Sour, Wednesday 13's 'Graveyard a go-go's' and Trash Light Vision - is that likely to happen sometime?

Acey: Well the problem is, is that with all of our bands, we all put all put on really physically demanding shows and so the main problem would be 'Wednesday' would have to do his thing and give a hundred per cent, I'd have to do my thing and do a hundred per cent and I'm singing and playing guitar in this band which physically is really demanding then put on a Murderdolls show. I think the problem would be that we would all feel like that at way or another with 'Trash Light' we'd probably go on before Murderdolls and Slipknot. When I went to get to 'The Murderdolls' set I'd be pretty worn down.

One of the things that I learnt working with Joey (Jordison of Slipknot/Murderdolls) is never do anything half-arsed so we've talked about that at one point like a Slipknot Tour - Joey plays with us, Corey plays with Stone Sour and he's like, 'how the f*ck am I gonna do that' - I mean if you've ever seen Joey drum it's like Insane and when he plays live it's the same thing.

Glenn: I came to see you in The Murderdolls last year.

Acey: Where'd you see us at?

Glenn: Download (at Donnington 2003).

Acey: Okay cool. That was a great show. That was really cool.

Glenn: How has the UK 'Trash Light Vision' Tour been going so far?

Acey: Let's see - the first night was pretty good and then last night (July 3rd) we had a bunch of equipment problems which truly sucked but the crowd was great. It's been a very weird tour - very weird because I mean on this tour we're touring in a van and crashing at peoples houses.

We ended up at this girls house the other night (July 2nd) and she pulled out a fold-up bed, I get into it and all of a sudden there's rabbits crawling all over me and like 'Alright' and she goes, 'Oh those are my rabbits - do you wanna see my gerbil?' - 'like yeah'. She's in her refridgerator and pulls out a dead gerbil that she keeps in her fridge and shows it to me. I'm laying there in a strange place, while rabbits are hopping over me, a dead gerbil's in my face and then a guy in a green janitor suit comes in and starts cleaning the place.

Glenn: Weird.

Acey: So (laughs), it's been a pretty weird tour but the audience participation's been great. It's tough because they don't know any of these songs and none the less man, the energy does not stop so it's good.

Glenn: Yeah - I checked out the track 'Horns and Halos' and it's good.

Acey: Thank you - thanks.

Glenn: Where'd you get that hat from?

Acey: Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue.

Glenn: Wow. What's the story behind getting hold of that?

Acey: Well actually Amen was opening for 'Brides of Destruction' over in America so I got to be really good friends with Nikki and he's a really, really cool down-to-earth guy and we each went into a military surplus store - I walked in and he's like, 'Dude I have something for you' and I've been looking for one of these for a long time because Joey (Jordison) has a similar one, Wednesday (13) has a similar one and I was like I was not buying one until I get an actual Notia SS one - I'm not getting anything else and I walked in and it was truly weird and Nikki's like, 'Dude, I put something for you' and he put it on my head and I looked in the mirror and I'm like, 'Holy F*ck - how much cooler does that get, you know?'

Glenn: And it fit perfect.

Acey: Yeah and I got a big head.

(We laugh)

Glenn: When is the 'Trashlight Vision' material gonna be out? Are you gonna self release it?

Acey: Yeah. That's been the biggest stress on this tour that we're doing everything ourselves but I felt like the 1st thing I wanted to do.. I missed playing the UK - I wanted to get over here really quick and it's like, 'I don't have a record out' plus I always think songs like 'Horns and Halos' - like you hear it on the internet?

Glenn: Yeah.

Acey: It doesn't sound as good as it did tonight and I wanted to go out and play this sh*t live. These guys don't have as much touring experience as I do obviously so they need to get in the ring, they need to get warmed up and we need to get these songs tight and I wanted to see how the audience felt about them and stuff like that. So it was like, 'Let's do a little tour and then that way we go and record the album', because it seems that it's always that way anyway. It's like that's why a band's second record always suck because it's like they do their 1st record, they tour a lot behind it, played clubs, worked it out for years do that 1st record in the street. All of a sudden they start writing the new record in the studio - so of course it sucked - you know.

Glenn: Yeah - because they've worked at the 1st one for years and years and years.

Acey: Exactly.

Glenn: Where do you see everything going? Will you always keep this band going as well as The Murderdolls?

Acey: I hope so. My plan is to make this my Slipknot - you know what I mean, like er .. The Murderdolls are gonna do another record - it's just a matter of when Joey's done but yeah - this is what I wanna do right now. It's really hard for me to try and find something that I think made myself happy and made the fans happy and wasn't a Murderdolls clone band. It would have been easy for me to come out in full Murderdolls regalia and hire a bunch of guys that looked just like Murderdolls and make it a cheap imitation. To me there's no other Eric Griffin, there is no other Ben Graves, there's no other Joey Jordison, there's no other Wednesday 13 so I'm not even gonna try and go there.

That's why this is a little bit more stripped down, a little bit more just rock 'n' roll. I wanted this to have more focus on the musical bit - not that the Murderdolls music sucks or anything like that but there's a lot of camp in it and in the past couple of years I've been really fortunate to meet a lot of really cool people and have some really cool experiences and I was just always writing it down so I've always wanted to have this outlet and I've missed singing for so long too.

Glenn: I've got ya - so basically, you've been a singer.

Acey: I've always been a singer and I have no clue about how I ended up being a guitar player or bass player or anything else. I don't know how the hell that happened (he laughs). It just kind a worked out that way.

Glenn: I must ask you, whereabouts did the actual name, 'Acey Slade' come from?

Acey: It came from one of my old bands when we were recording guitar solos and Ace Frehley from Kiss is one of my favourite guitar players. So for the lead track we used to write 'Acey' because we'd throw some like 'Acey' things in there put an 'Acey' part in there and so it was like all of a sudden we were looking at the board and we had a different guy mixing it and it went down as 'Acey' and he was like 'How many guys do you have in the band?' - we go 'four', 'So who's the 5th guy? - who's this Acey guy?' and it was me (laughs) and so that's where that came from.

Glenn: Nice One. That's spot on.

Acey: Great. Cool.

Glenn and Acey Slade

Thank-you's go to Acey Slade and Trash Light Vision, Tour Manager 'Mark' + his assisitant, Martin Bellamy, Mark Hobson + Corporation Staff and Jodie Walker (Murderdolls PR)