An Interview with

'Alex Beyrodt'

Guitarist of German Power Metal Band, 'Silent Force'

Glenn: Where did the name 'Silent Force' originate from and did you consider other names at the time?

Alex: We had a list with around 50 names......but at the end I came up with an old German proverb :"In silence there is force" I pretty much try to live like that.......and so we had our band-name. The guys agreed on the proverb and the name :-)

Glenn: What are all the band member's musical backgrounds?

Alex: Well, DC......he was for, I guess, 7 years in Danish band Royal Hunt with which he sold many records and being very successful, especially in Japan.

Andre accompanied me since our "The Sygnet" days. Before, he was in Vanize,
the band of UDO Dirkschneider's Brother.

Jürgen was in a band called "Headstone Epitaph" with which he did 2 records and played some bigger shows, like "Metal Gods" festival in Italy.

Torsten was not in the professional business before he joined SF.....but he learned very fast :-)

Glenn: Was it hard obtaining the Angra tour support slot or were you friends of the band already?

Alex: We didn't know personally.....well....not really right. DC and myself we already have known Eduardo, the singer. We've met in Sao Paulo a few years ago when I was playing there with Primal Fear and DC with his solo band. But the rest of the gang we didn't know. Our big friend from France, Olivier Granier helped us a lot to get the it was quite easy.

Glenn: What was the crowd reaction to you?

Alex: Very good!!! I think we are a live band. That's when we feel "alive". Everybody in the band loves to be on stage. People feel that and during the last two years we played so many shows all over Europe....even USA!

We give every night 110 %!! That's where the "Force" stands for :-)

Glenn: Would you consider yourselves to go under the moniker of 'Power Metal'?

Alex: Yep...I would say "European Power Metal", because there we have our roots.
We love to play that double bass drum stuff......and Andre is really good in this :-)

Glenn: What made you decide to play this style of metal?

Alex: It was not a decision we thought just happened. That's where "chemistry" comes into the painting. This is the type of music we love to listen and that's the lifestyle we live.

Glenn: What is the German Metal scene currently like?

Alex: Right now.....: "The best in the world"!!! Really, I mean look at all this bands: Gamma Ray, Helloween, Primal Fear, Sinner, Edguy, Blind Guardian..etc. This bands fighting for Metal since years...some of them existing since 15 years!!!

That's the diffenerce to other scenes.....German/European Bands do not follow any trends! If they decide once for a style the stay in it! And I'm very proud about this power!!

Glenn: Is 'Silent Force' the main band or do you have other projects as well?

Alex: SILENT FORCE is a full time job. I left Sinner and I did not join Primal Fear because I want to play with these guys!!

Glenn: What does the DC stand for in the name of the vocalist, DC Cooper?

Alex: Christopher, his Brother who died in a car accident several years ago. In his memory DC carrying his name.

Glenn: Why did you choose to sign with Massacre Records?

Alex: Easy answer......they paid the most money :-)

Glenn: If you have to be compared to any particular artists - who would you
want them to be and why?

Alex: Mmhhh....I do not want to be somebody else. I just wanna be accepted as myself. I think I speak for the whole band in this case :-)

Glenn: Will the band always play this style of Metal?

Alex: I definitely think so! Once a Metal Musician, always Metal Musician

Glenn: What influenced the Trilogy and where did the idea come from?

Alex: I'm a huge fan of the roman history. I read books and visit archaeological excavations here in Germany. It is very interesting like the society worked in these days. Unfortunately there are not many changes regarding today :-)

Glenn: What does the song title 'Cena Libera' mean?

Alex: The night before the gladiators had to fight, the celebrated a huge party with Wine women and song......this called "Cena Libera"

Glenn: How did the second album come to be called 'Infatuator'?

Alex: In fact, it is "InfATuator....and this word was invented by DC. I visited him in Pittsburgh to work on new material. I played the playback of the song, he started singing and for some reason he sang "Infatuator"...then he asked himself "I think this is not even a real word" and he checked the dictionary.....He couldn't find it....But we agreed on "it sounds fantastic" and so we used it :-)

Glenn: What are your favourite songs on the album and why?

Alex: I love "Infatuator"; "Here me Calling", Gladiator"........Promised is hard to pick. Why?....because it is fun to play it!!

Glenn: What are the bands present and future plans?

Alex: Right now we writing new material. In November we will play at "Prog Power
USA" which is already sold out!! This will be our second US Show. Last year we played in Pittsburgh, DC's Hometown.. and it was a blast!

Glenn: Vocally, was it intended to sound very like Rob Halford or was it just coincidence?

Alex: Well, there are only two songs which are intended to have this "Priest" touch...."Infatuator" and the cover" All guns blazing". DC became almost the new Judas singer several years ago. He was under the 3 finalist for the why not ? :-)

Glenn: What are your hobbies/Interests outside the band?

Alex: I'm into Golf..........a lot. And I love to cook . I also started to be interested in Japanese culture. My girlfriend Yuko is from Japan and it is very interesting.

Glenn: Who are your favourite bands?

Alex: Stratovarius, Yngwie, Gamma Ray, Rainbow, Sonata Artica, Saxon,.....

Glenn: Is the Music biz a full time thing for you or do you also have regular jobs?

Alex: I'm doing workshops for a huge Music Equipment Company from Germany "Behringer". They also made Guitar Amps and Cabinets and a lot of Effect
units....I'm showing and explaining this equipment in my workshops and I'm
doing this, I'm doing only music all day long.....even in my normal life :-)

Thanks for giving me the chance to do this interview
Greets to all Metal Heads

Alex Beyrodt