An interview with the Arizonian Cock Rockers

that took place on July 28th, 2006.

How did the band get together?
Whew! I'm glad you didn't ask how we CAME together.

Why did you call yourselves 'Big Cock' - bet it plenty of attention?
The name 'Rolling Stones' was taken and Little Cock didn't make much sense.

Fave moments in previous bands?
The daydreaming about forming this band.

What was the first initial reaction from people when 'Big Cock' were formed and they found out what your were called?
Shock and awe, disgust, terror - and that was from the people that liked us.

Is it a full time band or do you have other projects as well? Care to elaborate?
Other projects include, boozing, fornicating, puking...

What difference has Myspace made to the band ?
MySpace has helped a new generation enjoy Big Cock.

What have been your most notable gigs so far and why?
That answer is a work in progress.

How about support slots - had any interesting ones?
My last girlfriend had to wear two bras to support her enormous *&$^..@s.

Has the style and name gave you the chance to play strip clubs and joints like that or do you stick to straightforward venues?
Strip joints whenever possible, then old-folks homes.

Who came up with the Rooster picture ?- I like the way you have double entendered the band name with it!!
Who said anything about the name signifying a rooster?

Do you have plans to play over here in the UK - if so, when are where?
We have been banned from Great Britain for crimes against good taste.

What would expect to see on a 'Big Cock' Tour Rider?
Baby oil, a shower curtain, aluminum foil and 3 chocolate bars.

How has the current self-titled album been doing?
It's doing everybody it possible can!

You got any good groupie stories - can to tell?
3 girls, a feather and a jar of Ritz crackers.

What are your fave songs so far on the albums and for what reasons?
The first 14 songs are our favorites.

So what is it about 'Scottsdale Women' ? is it basically a tribute or salute to the local girls?
Every word is true. You just can't make this sh*t up.

Who's the little dude on the cover on the new album with the cap on - how did his inclusion come about?
Who are you callin' little?!!

Is the album Self-released or is 'Driver Wild Music' a real record label - is it a joke on your part - lol !!
If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

What you do outside the band and music in general?
I'm a love-toy for my wife and her girlfriends.

What's Arizona like for Rock music in general?
It's got us, so it kicks ass!

What's next for 'Big Cock'?
Big Cock plans to come again and again and again...

A Big Thankyou for the very informative in-depth answers Guys - LOL!!