An Interview via e-mail with Bassist,

Doug Richardson

a member of the jaw-cracking Southern Rock Band

What made you want to play in a band originally?
I just love music. It's a great feeling to create new music that hopefully other people will like also.

Who are/were your main influences and why?
I'm not a fan of any particular genre of music, I just like good music. I like Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Country, Metal, anything that's good song writing, like John Fogerty, just look at all the great songs that guy has written. I love Skynyrd, Steve Earle, anything Warren Haynes is involved in.

What were you up to prior to Alligator Stew?
I played in a cover band for years in Indiana before moving to L.A. Once I got to L.A. I played in a Queen tribute band (which is featured in a documentary movie called "Tribute: The Movie" and is currently on Showtime) and a Deep Purple Tribute band. then I started getting into original bands and a straight ahead blues band, then The Stew.

(Self-titled Debut album)

How did you come to change in style - was it a case of where you are now at musically, lyrically or where the heart or are their other reasons?
I'd never written a song before being in Alligator Stew, and when I do write a song I don't sit down and try to write in a particular style - What comes out, comes out. So for my style of writing, Alligator Stew is the perfect band, Gary seems to know exactly what I was shooting for when he sings my stuff.

Gary Jeffries

How did Alligator Stew get together and how did the name come to be and the
logo (Gator with the Cigar!!)?

When we first started in L.A. there weren't too many people that gave a shit
about this style of music, so it was difficult to find the right guys. Gary got lucky and found John thru a friend. TC had an ad in a local magazine that was the only ad that said "influenced by Southern Rock and Country" we called and luckily he was a great drummer. Chris was in a band called "The Regulators" and they had taken some time off, so he started jamming with us.

John Andrew and TC Markle

The gator logo came about, if I remember correctly, when everybody was goofing around at rehearsal, "he needs a big 'ol cigar and Gary's Elvis glasses" so I went home a painted it up. So there's the gator logo.

What influenced 'Blood Money'; 'The Heist' and 'Four Winds'?
When I wrote the lyrics to those songs, I mainly just used my over-active imagination. I'll get a whole concept of a story in my head and hurry up and get it down on paper, that's how all of those songs came about. They aren't depictions of anything from real life. The OJ Simpson trial had gone down before I wrote "Blood Money" so I guess some of that feeling of injustice crept into that song.

What bands have you been likened to and why? How does that make you feel?

We get a lot of Skynyrd and CCR, which is great!! They are two of my favorite bands!!

Where do the pictures come from on the live album, 'Welcome to Monticello ...Live!!! ?
Various gigs, some from the night in Monticello, some from opening for Skynyrd. The inside photo of us on the porch of the shack came from our video shoot, when we shot the video for "Blood Money" that shack was on the location.

What made you decide to feature 4 studio tracks on it as opposed to a full live cd?
Originally were only gonna do all LIVE tracks but when we all got into the studio to mix the LIVE stuff, we got the studio itch and decided to set up our gear while we there and cut some new stuff we had laying around.

Who have you toured with and how did it go? and Who would you like to tour
with in the future and why?

We've played with Skynyrd, Canned Heat, played some kick ass Hell's Angels
parties. It really doesn't matter where we play or who we play with we always put our all into it. It would be fun to play with some of the new country guys like Toby Keith.

Any good road stories worth telling?
What happens on the road stays on the road!!

Who would you say have been the most interesting characters you've met and why?
Our keyboard player, Chris Turbis. When he's full of Jack Daniels, anything goes.

Chris Turbis

What can we expect of the next studio album - a similar great southern style?
It's hard to say what style, we just get together play the new songs and they end up sounding the way they would sound when we play them. Could be Rock, could be Country, it depends on how we feel the songs.

What do you guys get up to when not working as a band?
You can find me on my Harley, riding up the coast or out in the desert. I love my Two wheels.

Can you ever see yourselves signing up to a big major label - yes or no and reason why?
If the deal was right and it allowed our music to reach a bigger audience, that would be great.

Chris, Doug and Gary

Are you planning to play the UK and other parts Europe and if so, with which artists?
I would love to play Europe!! It would be great to meet the people across the pond. If we can figure out a way to come over there and not go broke by doing so, we'd love it.

What have you been most proud of in your career so far?
Putting out great music. I'm very proud of the music that this band has created!

There you have it - A mighty fine stewing interview from a Gator's mouth - Thanks Doug

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