Erik Turner of Warrant

Interviewed via e-mail by Glenn Milligan, 8th January, 2005.

Who would you say are your main musical influences and why?
Grey Goose Vodka and Coors light because they get the creative Juices flowing.

What were you up to before you were a member of Warrant?
I worked for a concert promoter in Los Angeles.

How did Warrant originally get together and how did the name come about?
The name came from our drummer and when he quit, Jerry and I kept the name. We originally got together because my girlfriend was a friend with the drummer's girlfriend and we went from there.

What are your favorite Warrant songs and what influence them?
Uncle Tom's Cabin and Down boys.

What were the stories behind 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' and 'Cherry Pie'?
Jani Lane wrote those songs so you will have to ask him.

When you wrote these songs, did you expect them to become so popular? - Even now Cherry Pie is still one of the main songs at The Corporation, Sheffield on the Saturday night (Reservoir Rocks)!!
When we recorded them, I knew they were great songs and I always hoped that people would like them.

What have been your favorite tours and why?
Blood, Sweat, and Beers tour was my favorite because we were headlining that tour and it was a blast.

How was the Metal Edge Tour?
We had a lot of fun with the other bands that we are friends with. The tour did well.

What have been your fave support slots or support bands you have had out with you and why?
Firehouse and Trixter because we are still friends with those guys to this day.

Are there any particular parts of the world that you like to play best?
No, just the U.S.

What differences have you found having Joey Allen back in the band - both on a musical and social level? How did he come to rejoin?
We have always stayed friends and having Joey back in the band makes us sound like the Warrant everybody knows and loves.

Why did Jani Lane leave and what do you miss about him?
That is all personal stuff.

What would you say are the main differences between Jamie and Jani?
They are both great singers.

How did the October/November 2004 Tour go? What were the stand-out nights? And why?
The tour was great and all the nights have their own stories to tell.

What was the reaction from the fans because of a change in front man?
In all honesty, none. The response has been great.

How did you go about choosing the songs in the set? Does the set list always stay the same or does it differ slightly depending on the gig and how you feel at the time?
We wanted to play songs that we have not played in years. We will be changing about four songs around for the 2005 set.

How does the brand new material compare to Classic Warrant? Tell us about the new songs that have been kicking your butt in rehearsal!!
The new songs that we are writing are back to our roots like Cherry Pie Part 2.

Outside the band, what influences you as a painter?
Alcohol and Katini's (wonderful Martinis my wife makes)

How long does it take you to create them?
They all vary, usually a month if I'm home and work on it a little bit at a time.

What are your favorite paintings and why?
Le Stat because I like Vampires.

After you've finished them, do you still have a high regard for them or do you lose interest and move onto creating the next one?

I like most my paintings and wait to be inspired for the next.

What turned you onto golf?
A friend of my Donnie Hulett pulled me out and I fell in love with it.

What is your favourite place to play and what is your handicap?
Red Hawk Golf Club in Temecula is my favorite and my handicap is 10.1

Who would you most like to play against and why?
Sergio Garcia because he looks like he has a lot of fun on the golf course and he is one of my favorite players.

What music would be found in your record collection?
Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Kiss, Warrant, 70's rock, and 80's metal.

What's the rock scene like where you live and where do you like to hang out?
L.A. is the closest rock scene and I hang out at my home studio and write music.

What are the best and worst things about being in a band like Warrant?
What a great job and I can't complain.

Are there any UK shows planned for 2005 since you haven't played over here in years?
Not yet. Hopefully soon.

In general, what will be up to in 2005 as an individual and in Warrant?
Touring, working on a new record, golf, and hang out with my family.