An Interview with

Cinderella's Drummer

'Fred Coury'

Completed between 2nd and 4th January, 2005.

Interviewed By Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: What initially got you started playing music?

Fred: I started playing violin at age 5. It was probably due to my father and mother always playing Violin and piano together constantly.

Glenn: Do you still play violin and trumpet from time to time, since they were the first two instruments you played? What did you used to play on them?

Fred: I still do once in a while. I played everything from Vivaldi to Chuck Mangione.

Glenn: What was it about Keith Moon in particular that turned you onto the drums, as opposed to other drummers at the time?

Fred: Nothing. I wasn't a moon fan until later in my playing years.

Glenn: What type of band were Sunjammer? Did you do many gigs? What were the stand-out points of the band ? Why did you break up? Did you record anything?

Fred: It was just a rock cover band. We started doing some originals but I wanted more out of a band so I left. I think we did record a few things. I'd love to find those tapes.

Glenn: What is your favourite type of kit and sticks?

Fred: Drum Workshop Drums and Pro-Mark Sticks.

Glenn: How did you become to be a member of Cinderella?

Fred: Eric Singer called me one day and asked if I wanted to audition for a Band Called Cinderella. I made the call and they sent me all the songs from Night Songs. They asked me to learn 4 songs in a week. I charted them out and learned all ten by the next day. When I called them back they didn't believe me and said "OK, come to philly tomorrow. I did and played the songs exactly as they knew them. They had one more person to audition and then I got the call from Eric Brittingham saying that I was in the band!

Glenn: Who would you say are your other favourite drummers and why?

Fred: Everyone that I hear. Because I learn from everything. Good and Bad.

Glenn: Have any new drummers grabbed your eye of recent?

Fred: Josh Freese is quite amazing at any style.

Glenn: Which Cinderella songs do you like performing most of all and why?

Fred: 'Night Songs', 'The Last Mile' - really all of them.

Glenn: What have been your favourite Cinderella albums and why?

Fred: 'Night Songs' is my Fave! It just rocks. The others are amazing too but that one sounds like crap but is just pure rock through and through.

Glenn: How did it make you feel when you broke through with 'Gypsy Road' ?

Fred: In the US that wasn't the breakthrough. I started here from the very beginning with 'Shake Me' which wasn't even a single. It felt amazing. We really didn't know what was happening, we just kept touring non-stop.

Glenn:What have been your favourite support and Headline Tours?

Fred: Support was Bon Jovi and Headlining was 'Long Cold Winter'.

Glenn: What have been your best happenings on the road that you can talk about?

Fred: Best would be just being on the road. I feel so blessed to even have that opportunity year after year!

Glenn: What got you involved in re-mixing 10 of Marilyn Monroe's Greatest Hits as it's quite a jump from Cinderella?

Fred: I have been mixing records for quite a number of years, Brian Perera from Cleopatra records asked if I knew how to remix (dance, chill, techno, etc.) Of course I lied and said yes. Soon there after I was getting remix tracks from him and I just started doing them. The first ones were absolutely horrible but then I found my niche. I have since done Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Flock of Seagulls, Information Society and a handful of others. I even have an Electro-Clash record out called EFFCEE "Perfect".

Glenn:How did you get involved in Video Mods on MTV2?

Fred: I have been acting for the past 10 years. My agent called and told me about an audition for "motion capture" for an MTV2 show called video mods. I auditioned and got it. I had to wear a motion capture suit with reflectors on it and just pretend like I was playing live. It's what they do for video game characters. So, I'm a few different popular video game characters playing in a band. I have been re-cast for the new season as well.

Glenn:Tell us a bit about the band 'American Avenue' whose album you've been mixing ? How did you get involved?

Fred: They are a lot like Yellowcard. I did it for the UBL/Rock DIY label. I don't know if they will get released but they are a great band. I didn't produce but I did mix it.

Glenn:What other hobbies and interests do you have outside Cinderella apart from mixing?

Fred: I tornado chased for four years while I lived in Tennessee and I play a lot of tennis. I also love to act so acting has become somewhat of a priority.

Glenn:What are the best and worst things about being in Cinderella?

Fred: Best things are-being in Cinderella. Worst are -- uh, nothing!

Glenn:Do you ever do drum clinics? If so, what are your thoughts about them?

Fred: Thinking about doing them this year.

Glenn:What do you miss about the heyday of the big hair 80's Rock Scene? Any good stories?

Great stories but I don't know you! I can't tell!

Glenn:Which other bands did you like to hang out with?

Fred: Motley was my favorite. Anytime I would have a break, I would go out on the road with them. All fun, All the time!

Glenn:What are the best compliments you have been given?

Fred: I never get compliments. That was modest wasn't it?

Glenn:If you had the chance, what other drummers would you like to meet and perform with and why?

Fred: Neil Peart. He is in a class by himself.

Glenn:Apart from Rock, what other styles of drumming do you like top play and why?

Fred: R & B, it's all about the groove.

Glenn:What are the band up to at the moment - I heard a rumor floating round that Cinderella had split up?

Fred: Cinderella will be touring this summer headlining the Rock Never Stops tour with Ratt, Quiet Riot and Firehouse.

Glenn:What can we expect of Cinderella in 2005 - albums or otherwise?

Fred: Touring.

Glenn:Will you be coming to the UK in the near future at all?

Fred: We're trying to get there this year!


Cheers Fred for answering the questions.

Special thanks also to Ron Arold (Fred's Webmaster) for setting it up.