A Interview with Justin K. Broadrick (mainman of Industrial, Dark 'n' Harsh Abrasive Metallers, Godflesh).

We caught up with Justin before his blasting half-hour set at Rock City, Nottingham (supporting Fear Factory) on 5th November to have a good old chat about the return of Godflesh, Touring, the new album Hymns and much more more. We hope you enjoying reading this as much as we enjoyed conducting the interview. So here we go in its entirety - take it away Metalliville Interviewer, Tony Watson:

1.So what have you been up to leading up to the new album, 'Hymns'.

Well around the mid to late 80's, I wasn't entirely sure what we wanted to be - or what I wanted to be. I've had an identity crisis. I was just making music in different projects (outside Godflesh). I realised what I was lacking in my own project.

There was also a lack of promotion from 'Earache Records'. We actually lost track of who we were as artists. In fact, I hadn't picked up a guitat in over a year. It wasn't until the writing of the 'Hymns' album that I went back to it again.

2. What types of projects were you involved in, outside Godflesh?

I experimented a lot when I left the guitar for a year - doing techno, drum 'n' bass and jungle. Basically, it was good to get away from rock.

3. How did you get 'Godflesh' going again?

Ted (Drummer) came over and we wrote the songs for the 'Hymns' album. It took us over a year to get off 'Earache'. 'Music-For-Nations Records' believed in us and they were really into promoting us.

4. How did you get the support slot to 'Fear Factory'?

Fear Factory loved the band, they wanted us on the Tour which is for a full month in various parts of Europe including France, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. Then we are coming back to Britain and Ireland with Devin Townshend, playing various dates which include Nottingham and Sheffield. I've been big friends with Burton since '96. They couldn't look after us enough.

It's like we've been invisible and many people are happy we're back - it's like J*sus, it's Godflesh. This happened last night (5th November) when we were in Newcastle.

5. Why have both albums (the compilation and the new studio album) been released at the same time?

I guess that was down to Earache who released the compilation album at the same time that Music For Nations released our studio album. We didn't want both albums at the same time at all.

6. Tell me about the styles of Godflesh -

The older stuff is real important - it's got that (Heavy Industrial) sound and also the messing about with break beats. I like hip-hop and jungle.

We have a mash up style and I'm influenced by bands like The Swans, Killing Joke and of course Black Sabbath - even Public Enemy. We have a heavy depressive, bleak, hopeless outlook that we like to achieve

7. Where do you live?

Well a the moment in each others pockets - it's the only way it can do it to make it work financially.
I live on the Welsh Border. Raven lives in Ireland and Ted's from Oslo. It's all about survival.

8. Tell us about your comeback -

It's fantastic - it's like we've had a re-birth - we've had more chances than ever for an underground band. It's real interesting in Godflesh as we have our own brand of Rock music.

9a. How long do you get to play on stage?

With Fear Factory we get around 30 minutes - I would have preferred 40 mins - not too long but long enough. We like to make an impact and don't want the crowd to get tired of it - which could happen after over an hour plus.

b. What's it feel like to be on-stage?

Weird really. I feel defensive for the music when it comes to the audience. I have an angry feeling. When I'm there I go numb, I don't say anything. I make the music and present and let the music speak for itself. I don't see a need to all the talking on-stage.

10. What exactly do you do on tour when you aren't on stage?

We find it's so removed from reality (touring) so we try and keep healthy. I started this tour being ill - which doesn't help. I like to relax, listen to music, play games on the computer and compose music.

For that half hour on-stage, there's like 23 1/2 hours where our emotions are trapped so we like to release that in the 30 mins or so we have up there on stage.

11. What's the U.S like to tour in?

Mixed - sometimes it's amazing - the kids go wild - they get so into it - other times they don't - it's how it goes. We've just toured with Slayer and Type O Negative and some of the kids didn't get us !!!

12. Where did you record the 'Hymns' album?

I started it off at my studio - but couldn't get that sound we wanted, so we recorded it at Dave Anderson's studio (Ex-Hawkwind).
We produced it ourselves - we have a clear vision of what we want to hear. It was all totally hands-on. I'm obsessed with mixing desks - I'm a big fan. We backed up copies many times.

Since this Interview took place Godflesh have toured late November 2001 in the with Devin Townsend (which included dates at Nottingham Rock City and Sheffield's Leadmill). Justin also informed us that they could possibly touring alongside Machine Head in the U.S. in 2002.