An Interview via e-mail with Kelly Hansen

(Lead Vocalist) of Hurricane.

(Recieved Tuesday, 18th September 2001)

Pictured above are Kelly Hansen (Lead Vocals) and Jay Schellen (Drums/Vocals)

The band have recently reformed and have recorded one hell of a killer album 'Liquify' (on the Frontiers/Now and Then Label) which I strongly recommend you get your hands on as soon as you see it in the CD racks.


1. Who came up with the intro idea on the 'Liquify' album - what influenced it - and who does the dialogue?

Well, we just wanted to come up with something that kind of connected the past to the present CD. Like a reminder. Jay's stepson Eric did the dialogue.


2. Were fans the main reason why the band got back together - or did you feel it was the right time? Or are there other reasons?

Yes, the fans. We had so many requests over the years for another record, but we just didn't want to hash out a cheesy record. Frontiers said they would let us do the kind of record we wanted, so we said okay.


3. Is the album a one-off or will Hurricane be around for a long time into the future?

Everything is based on what happens. If nobody digs the record, I doubt if we would dedicate our lives to try and "bring back the band".


4. Where do the songs originate from - are they all brand new or are some unused from the original Hurricane days, or from the days of Unruly Child etc?

No Unruly, but 'Heart Made of Stone' was and old track from the period when Enigma went bankrupt.


5. How long did the album take to record and how did you achieve its big warm live fresh sound - it's far from sounding simply studio orientated?

If you put all the time spent end to end, it was probably about 4 months. But everyone is busy so it took about 8 months to get it done. We have a lot of experience making records, so we just made what we thought would fit our vision.

6. How long has it taken to get the band back together in one form or another - what has it involved?

Jay & I have always been close, but we originally planned to have different people playing on different songs, but it was working great with Sean & Larry, so we just kept on going.


7. Will there be any singles from the album - as it is so strong - if so - which ones are planned?

Haven't had too much discussion with Frontiers about that yet.


8. Why is it that Hurricane have still yet to really conquer the hearts of the U.K. Rock audience - since the band are easily as good as Def Leppard or Gary Moore?

That's a great compliment but the proof is in the pudding. There's more to making a successful record than just recording great songs. So many other bases have to be covered and that's really hard to do nowadays.


9. Since Hurricane have been out of the scene and general limelight for quite a few years - what musical styles and artists have since influenced you for the writing and production of 'Liquify'?

I don't like to listen to only bands that were big back in the day. That's boring. I like to grow and my tastes change. I listen to all kinds of music, Filter, A Perfect Circle, Puddle Of Mud, lots of shit.


10. If you had to - how would you define the musical style of Hurricane?

I think Hurricane always was just slightly off-center from all the other "melodic hard rock" that were supposedly in the same category. I feel that we don't always spell out everything to the listener, never be too obvious, this lets them think for themselves.


11. How many songs were written for the album before you got down to the final ten? What will happen to the others - will they be out later?

Couldn't tell ya. Usually if something is not working, it doesn't get past a certain point in it's development.


12. What's the usual song-writing process of Hurricane?

There is no USUAL process. You name it and we've done it. That's what makes it interesting.


13. Are there plans to re-promote and re-release the back catalogue - or even re-do 'I'm onto you' ?

No thoughts to re-doing anything. Trying to get Capitol records to think about re-re-releasing on a "product" they see as having a limited market is tough, but you never know.


14. What's the reaction been like so far to the album and band reformation ?
(By the way - I'm giving the album 10/10)

Thank You! Response is just now starting to trickle in, but it's been great.


15a.Who have you most enjoyed doing session work with and why?

There hopefully is always something enjoyable about working in the studio
as long as everyone knows what they're doing.


b. Do you have any funny stories as a result of doing session work?

There's always something stupid going on in the studio.


16. How do you keep your voice in trim so well - do you sing all the time?

I am singing all the time, I guess I'm just lucky.


17. Who are your greatest influences and why?

I always liked all the old R&B artists like Aretha, Ray Charles, Al Green. They were always very song oriented.


18. Is a tour planned - when and where will you be playing?

No plans yet.


19. Overall, what is your favourite Hurricane material?

It's always the newest one, of course.


20. Why is the new album called 'Liquify'?

It combines liquid and fury, which literally and figuratively describes the music.


21. What do you prefer most Live/Studio - or mixture of both - reasons why?

They are both good for their own reasons, working with the crowd live, or
taking the time to get it right in the studio.


22. Do you have any great road stories to tell - especially involving groupies etc.?

Yes, but I could get into legal trouble if I talk.


23. Who would you like to tour with most - if you haven't already?

Original Queen

A shot of Hurricane

Thanks to Kelly for a great interview and Mark Ashton @ Now and Then Records for making the whole thing possible.