Jean Beauvoir of 'Crown Of Thorns' Interviewed by Glenn Milligan in April, 2004 via telephone.

Glenn: Hi Jean, I remember seeing you last November (2002) at Bradford Rio.

Jean: Oh yeah I remember.

Glenn: How have your last few gigs been going?

Jean: Everything has been pretty good. I've been in Germany for a while and I ended up coming back out to LA so it took a little while to get everything settled and together - you know how that works?

Glenn: Yeah.

Jean: But you know, pretty much everything's going pretty good. I'm just working over here. I'm not gonna start another Crown of Thorns right away, I'm doing a solo album first or together at the same time- pretty much that's it. Just doing some songwriting stuff over here and getting it back together and getting some ideas for the new record. I'm also getting settled (with this part of LA).

Glenn: The first I heard about you guys was when you played Don Valley Stadium at Sheffield in 1993. That's the gig I missed out on. I should have gone to that one.

Jean: It was a cool gig, I remember it. It was hot. It was happening. It was fun. Britain is always fun. We did a lot of playing in the UK at the time. That's why we were here actually the last time (Nov '02) but the promoters didn't do a great job in promoting the shows so I think a lot of people didn't know we were coming. It was kind of all of a sudden but we enjoy playing in the UK. It's kind of our favourite market.

Glenn: Yeah - you're a good band. Your new album 'Karma' is exceptional. What's your favourite material on it?

Jean: My favourite songs. Well let me see - It kind of changes which is kind of cool that means that there not one thing that really stands out that much to me. For a while it was like, 'til you've had enough'; 'My Sweet Lord' I like, the cover that kinda sticks in my mind a bit - I don't know why that is but it changes. 'Believer' was my first favourite then it change to 'Start over again' - those are kind of my favourites. The ballads. There's not anything that's really sticking out that much where I say, 'that's the one for me'. I like different ones for different reasons.

Glenn: I suppose you change for different reasons depending on what's happened in your day?

Jean: Yes exactly. How about you? What's your favourite?

Glenn: I really like 'Keep on survivin' - it kind of reminds me of trying to survive in the music biz - is that what it it's about or do you mean to keep on survivin' in general in life?

Jean: It's in general. When I write I try and make 'em relate to everyday stuff but at the same time it's usually talking through a bit of experience - so yeah, it means in the Music Business as well. Sure because it's been a hard time for a lot of people and you keep goin'. It's not always the easiest thing. Sometimes you have to write inspirational songs to give you a little looser power, you know, well kind of, you know what I'm sayin'

Glenn: I guess you've been lucky in the respect that with the scene changing on and off you've bee able to write for different people - do co-writing or whatever and branch out quite a bit - has that made quite a difference for you?

Jean: Yeah, I mean it's something that it keeps you a little bit fresh. I t helps a lot of things. I mean I've spent a lot of time in Europe lately and done a lot of co-writing and producing for a lot of different kinds of artist and I think it gives you new ideas and inspirations. You're working with different guys and you think - he's doing this this way, I'd have never thought of that. All these little pieces are somehow adding to what I do in the end. A little bit of it - whether that be good or bad sometimes - otherwise it's locking yourself up and always doing the same thing exactly.

Glenn: Who would you say you've enjoyed working with most?

Jean: You know I can't give you a definite answer on that because I wouldn't say there's really one person that you think of because a lot of people have different things to offer like working with Paul Stanley or Glenn Hughes for example - these guys bring talent different ways. Glenn's a great singer and he's real fun to write with. Paul Stanley's a great artist too in his own way. I've worked with Max Norman - there's lots I've learnt from him - he's a great Producer. I wouldn't say I've enjoyed working more with one or the other.

Glenn: You work with that many different people that you get different inspirations from them all.

Jean: That's right. I've worked with Little Steven and he's been kind of an inspiration and definitely that guys been fantastic - that's just to name but a few but I mean to work with all these different people adds something to your stew - you know what I mean.

Glenn: Yeah.