An Interview with

Jesse James Dupree,

the frontman of Southern Hard Rock Band, Jackyl that took place on the Tour Bus near The Viper Room, West Hollywood, California, USA on Wednesday 7th November, 2012.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan

Glenn: I must ask, does she still love your c*ck? (as in the Jackyl song 'She Loves My C*ck')?

Jesse: Oh yeah, I think she would yeah. I'm not hearing any complaints about it.

Glenn: When you did the Tom Green show, was that set up or was that genuine? (Jesse sliced away at his desk - lol)

Jesse: That was genuine. I mean if you go back and look at it you can see that..

Glenn: He looks really p*ss*d.

Jesse: Yeah. I was thinking because he's Tom Green, I though he was trying to, I thought he was trying to fake me out and act like he was mad and it took me a while to realise he was serious. He got his feelings hurt real bad.

Glenn: How's the tour going so far?

Jesse: It's great. We are two weeks into a month worth of dates and it's going great. We are coming from the mid-West all the way out here to the West Coast. We hardly ever played Los Angeles or (Las) Vegas or San Diego so it's rare that we've made it out - this is twice now that we've made it out in the last year. That very rarely happens for us so we're trying to make up for lost time.

Glenn: What would you say the secret to longevity of being in a band because you've been at it like 20+ years?

Jesse: We actually still like each other. We enjoy being around.. we constantly entertain each other and it's a fun band to be in and I think that's what's translated into our success is just the fact that throughout these years we've never lost it. We are still the biggest fans of rock 'n' roll. We really are. I mean we listen and we hear an Iron Maiden song or an AC/DC song and immediately reach for the volume to turn it right the f*ck up and you know, it's something we are still excited about.

Glenn: Awesome. What would you say the biggest highlight you have had? what stage would it be and why?

Jesse: Mmm - the biggest highlight. Well we've had several highlights. I mean playing Woodstock '94 was a big deal.

Glenn: Yeah I was listening to that through the night at the time.

Jesse: Yeah, yeah that was fun and then of course it happened - the reality show 'Full Throttle Saloon' is a big highlight for us. We did a hundred shows in 50 days and set a Guinness Book World Record for that. That was a big highlight. You know we've done a lot of things for us that have been big accomplishments - things that we're proud of. People can judge or stereotype things all they want to but I think at the end of the day people have to respect you for doing something you love and you're good at what you do and I think we are definately good at get up and showing eyes and having a good time and we celebrate the fundamentals of Rock 'N' Roll.

Glenn: Cool. How did you manage to get Brian Johnson to work with you (in the song 'Locked & Loaded)?

Jesse: Cos I think they celebrate the fundamentals of Rock 'N' Roll. We've had that same like-minded mentality for so long and he's a dear friend. He's a good guy.

Glenn: Do you think you'll be able to come to the UK soon? I've been wating a while for you guys to play over here.

Jesse: It's been a while since we played the UK. It's probably been 6,7 years or better.

Glenn: Yeah.

Jesse: I'm embarassed about that. We should try to make plans to go over there. I mean, during the Summer months when the festivals are going on and we stay so busy over here, that's when we do a lot of our touring and it's just kinda hard to break away from that because we were never really a huge priority with the record company in Europe although it was a priority for us but the record company didn't make us a priority. But we got fans over there that reach out quite often and we respond and it's really cool.

Glenn: You've got a new album?

Jesse: It just came out about two months ago. It's called 'Best In Show' and it's a great record. I'm very proud of it. We'll be playing some new stuff off of it tonight.

Glenn: That's wicked. You managed to get your son working alongside you?

Jesse: Yeah. Well he grew up around around us. He's got an honest.. he's just a fan of all the same stuff that we grew up loving so he's out playing and writing and recording his own material. As a Father and just as a fellow musician I'm proud of him.

Glenn: Which song makes you proudest that you've put together?

Jesse: 'I Stand Alone'. Yeah I love that song. It'll always be my favourite.

Glenn: What's the funniest place you've played? Especially when you've got the guitar and the chainsaw together, you must say, "Oh f*ck, this stage is a bit small for this".

Jesse: Oh you know what, we find ourselves in all kinds of different situations but I mean, they're all good. The Viper Room will definately be one that puts us to the test but we're glad to be here.

Glenn: What's the future plans?

Jesse: The brand new season of 'Full Throttle Saloon' reality show airs December 19th and we're really just now getting started touring behind the new record so we'll tour on through the middle of next year promoting the new record. We're already starting to book festivals and stuff for next Summer and we'll probably be recording some new material toward the middle of next year.

Glenn: Personally, how would you say the music industry has changed?

Jesse: Well you know, the record companies no longer control the monopoly on delivering a quality product to the consumer so the long and short of it is, I mean Pandora's Box has been opened up and everybody's able to make music and put it out but one thing that hasn't changed and that's the cream of the crop always rises to the top. So you can only fool people so much but I mean, they know what's real. The fact that we've sustained ourselves for 20 years and we are still able to be out in this tour. The tour bus here doesn't suck and we're very, very blessed to do what we do.

Glenn: How the hell did you manage to do 25 shows in one day? That is incredible!

Jesse: We were in one place for that. We do a half hour show and then we'd change the audience out for 15 minutes and let another audience in and do another half hour show. So we did that around the clock - we set the record. So.. it's crazy. I sang my *ss off for the 1st 17 shows and then I started getting hoarse.

Glenn: So I guess as well, there were longer chainsaw solos to make up for it.

Jesse: Oh yeah.

Glenn: Do you have a certain chainsaw that you use all the time?

Jesse: I'm using a steel chainsaw now.


Glenn: How did you come up with the 'Rock Me, Roll Me, Jackyl Me Off'? I can remember hearing you say that on Woodstock '94. Where did all that come from?

Jesse: You know it came from one of the guys in the band's girlfriend years ago. She said, "Jackyl me off" or whatever and I kinda added the 'Rock Me, Roll Me' to it cause she was going, "Jackyl me, jackyl me, jackyl me off' or whatever so I just added the 'Rock Me, Roll Me' and that was it.

Glenn: Yeah and I guess you're always a Southern Boy at heart no matter where you are?

Jesse: Yeah, I'm from the South yeah and proud to be.

Glenn: Yeah. What are your favourite bands from the South now?

Jesse: Black Stone Cherry's really good. My son's band, Nigel Dupree and probably the Black Stone guys. They are doing real good.

Glenn: I know you've shared the stage and done support shows with ZZ Top, Aerosmith and that, if you could share a stage with anyone else, who would it be?

Jesse: Oh you know, Brian Johnson has been a good friend but we've never toured with the guys in AC/DC - that would be a fun tour to be on.

Glenn: That'd be pretty awesome that.

Jesse: Yeah.

Glenn: So if you had the chance to duet with anyone else apart from Brian Johnson, who would it be and why?

Jesse: To write with somebody else?

Glenn: To write as well yeah.

Jesse: Mmm God. Err sh*t, there's so many.. that list is a mile long but if I could go back in time I would love to have done something with Steve Marriott but he's passed on.

Glenn: Yeah one of my favourite singers of all time. With Humble Pie and that...

Jesse: Yeah he did the greatest job.

Glenn: Oh yeah, yeah. You're from the Southern Rock scene but you kinda branched out into more of a heavier side and the c*ck rock side and that and you've done a bit more.

Jesse: Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: It's amazing how you're....

Jesse: We've been lucky yeah..

Glenn: Very much so.

A big thank you to Keri & Melanie of Mighty Loud Records, The Viper Room Staff & Security, Gigi Bishop, the guys of Jackyl and especially Jesse himelf for this excellent straight to the point & strictly no bullsh*t Interview.