An Interview with 'Trash Cowboys' Drummer

'Joey 'jojo' Durant'

from Hollywood, USA that took place early August, 2013.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: Where did your interest in Rock & Metal come from and what led to you forming the Trash Cowboys?
Joey: Trash cowboys was formed in 1989 by a bunch of crazy kids who just wanted to play rock music. It was a fate thing I suppose. I was walking down sunset and ran into these sleazy looking dudes that had the total rock street image and started talking to them. One thing led to another and the next thing ya know we were playing shows in Hollywood. We all had the same look and influence. It was just meant to be.

Glenn: Where did your band name come from and what made you choose it?
Joey: It came about one day even thou it seems like such a fog to me when we were just hanging out hung over from parting all night and someone said you guys look so trashy with our tore up clothes and we were just about homeless as it was. We all wore cowboy boots and it just fit. Someone came up with the name I think it was Bradley and it stuck.

Glenn: Introduce the members of Trash Cowboys.
Joey: Joey “ jojo” Durant - drums; Bradley Rude - Guitars; Eric Scott - Vocals and Mark Bone - Bass

Glenn: Who are the wildest members in the band and why would you say that?
Joey: There is no question about it, Eric is the front man of this band and he is the spear head of the mayhem that we cause. We all have our moments but there isn’t a time that goes by that I can think of that Eric is not at The Rainbow hammered and having a party somewhere.

Glenn: What songs are you most proud of writing so far and why?
Joey: Hey I’m not bias towards any of the songs I love them all and there is a piece of me that I leave behind with each one that I play. But my all time favorite is 'Call Me Crazy'. It sums us up and speaks for itself.

Glenn: How would you describe the style of Trash Cowboys and for what reason?
Joey: Our style is what we call Sleaze Rock. It's pornographic and slutty but is left each one who hears it to interpret it in their own way. It’s just what we are a sleaze Trash band. So all of the songs reflect this in some way. We came from the era of Motley Crue and Guns and Roses where it was all about the sex.

Glenn: What are you most happy with and why with regard to the songs on 'The Good, The Bad & The Nasty?
Joey: The whole production of the album as a whole I am so proud of it and how it turned out. There are some really awesome moments on this record. I find myself listening to it all the time.

Glenn: What were your first shows like and where were they held and what are your best memories of them?
Joey: Our first shows were at the Coconut Teaser in Hollywood and The Red Light District on Hollywood Blvd. Those were awesome times from what I can remember of them lol. We were starving, hungry rockers who played our balls off and it seemed as thou we always drew a good size crowd. My fondest memory of a show that we played was at The Coconut Teaser. We were in the middle of a song and Nikki who was our singer at the time was at the edge of the stage and there was all these girls right in front of him, and then I see this big cowboy boot behind him.

It was like slow motion or something. Brad just kicked Nikki off the stage into the audience and he landed right on top of these girls. The microphone went flying thru the air. I was shocked but I couldn’t stop laughing because it wa the funniest s*it I had ever seen. It was like a comedy. Oh and besides Nikki getting naked on stage and passing out back stage with just a hand towel around his waist. Yep he was sh*t faced.

Glenn: What revs you up before a show and how?
Joey: Just seeing all the people gets me going. I just want to go nuts and get out there and play. But knowing that we are gonna give each show a taste of what we are about is enough for me. We never ever let you down.

Glenn: What have been your biggest attended shows so far and how many people?
Joey: We have played sold out shows at The Roxy the Whisky the Viper Room.The key Club when it was Gazzari’s and the new Ket Club. So its hard for me to tell you how many people you could stuff into those venues. But our first show in 10 plus years after reforming the band last year we played infront of 2000 people at The Grove In Anaheim so that was pretty cool.

Glenn: What do you find your age range of fans to be and what's the percentage of male to female in the audience and for what reasons?
Joey: I would have to say that the majority of our fans are female. You would bhe surprised on how many sex crazed girls there are out there that love our sleazy music. It’s awesome. There is a huge age variety that follow us. We have girls in their young twenties to women in their 50’s coming to see us. It’s weird but very cool.

Glenn: What are your best road stories so far and why - what happened?
Joey: Hahaha those are way too personal to touch. Lets just say in a nut shell that there has been and usually is a lot of naked girls in hot tubs and people locking the doors for the elevators because someone is having sex on the elevator.

Hahaha! - Excellent Answers Joey - Thanks Buddy