An Interview with

'Jurgen Blackmore'


Guitarist of ‘Over The Rainbow’

that took place on 23rd January, 2009.

Interviewed By Glenn Milligan .

Jurgen: Hi

Glenn: Hi is that Jurgen.

Jurgen: Yeah that’s Jurgen (laughs)

Glenn: Hey, how you doin’, you alright mate?

Jurgen: Hi, Good.

Glenn: Good. What initially made you want to start playing guitar apart from obviously your Father being Ritchie Blackmore?

Jurgen: I don’t really know because actually I had this feeling in my fingers that I want to play guitar so my mother went around the corner to the music shop and we bought a guitar. We bought an acoustic guitar and then I start. So it doesn’t have anything to do with my Father or anything, it just went in my head and that’s it.

Glenn: Yeah, so you just thought, ‘This is for me, I’m gonna go for this’?

Jurgen: Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, excellent. When you got noticed in the music business itself, what was the reaction from people in the business?

Jurgen: I would say both sides – even bad and even good. So the bad side always was like everyone looked at me and said, “Oh come on, he’s nothing, he’s just the son and that’s it” and the other side was even very nice guys, so they say, “Hey it’s very hard”. They could understand my situation. They said actually, “I’ll be very glad because you are so, how can I say so – that you are not so shy to say that you are a ‘Blackmore’ so this is a good feeling and we think that is a very good statement”. Actually it was both sides I would say.

Glenn: What are you most looking forward to on the ‘Over The Rainbow’ Tour & the band itself?

Jurgen: Actually I think it’s gonna be great and awesome and that’s why I’m looking forward because for me it’s very funny to play in front of people and give them this Rainbow stuff and yeah, I think this is very exciting you know, so I enjoy it very much and I am looking forward with the band. So I hope everythings going on and if the fans like it we maybe do a record or something like this.

Glenn: Oh excellent. I was gonna ask about that as well. It depends how it goes really doesn’t it?

Jurgen: Yes of course. The fans are really the ones who will manage all this. If nobody’s interested in the thing then we don’t do anything more – so it’s just a little tour and that’s it. I think that people like it because actually the market, it’s coming up again with the rock music and I hope a tune that’s going on in the melody direction because actually we have got only we have got this rap thing and if we have got rock then we have got the metal stuff and these kinds of things and I think it will be nice to have this melodic stuff back again.

Glenn: Yeah. I know Rainbow are still pretty big in Britain because there’s actually a Rainbow tribute called ‘Rainbow Rising’.

Jurgen: Yes I know this, that there is this band called ‘Rainbow Rising’, I know that. I don’t think we are a tribute band.

Glenn: Oh not at all – you are with ex-members of Rainbow and you’ve got yourself on guitar.

Jurgen: Yeah.

Glenn: So it’s like a different thing altogether isn’t it?

Jurgen: Well for me it’s just a... well you know, I’m doing this just for fun and I don’t care if there’s anything on the side. If there is a band called ‘Rainbow Rising’ in the UK or if there is a band in the USA, I don’t care. I am doing this because I like to play with these musicians. It is a pleasure for me to play with them you know.

Glenn: Yeah, it makes total sense.

Jurgen: Yeah, for me it’s like a learning thing and having fun together, you know?

Glenn: Yeah. What songs that you have been learning for the set at the moment have you found hard to grasp and needed more time to play and get to perfect?

Jurgen: I wouldn’t say there’s any song because actually I don’t think it’s very hard to play. There’s only... if you wanna play like my Father you can’t because he’s doing things like, you know, if you’re a Blackmore fan, he’s playing everything on stage, you never know what he’s playing. If you think about the playing what he did on record then actually it’s OK but I don’t want to play all the stuff exactly like he played. I want to bring it out in my stuff. So if you played a riff like in ‘E’ and I play the same but I take different riffs so that is different and I won’t say there’s song very hard. I would say it is more like, how can I say - you get into the song and you have to get it in your mind – that’s the only reason and if you have got a song with not only with chord and verse then it’s complicated because then you have to get all the stuff into your brain. So that takes a bit but not the playing actually.

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: But I couldn’t say any song takes longer but I don’t know. I have to play it everyday to bring it up in my mind. Not the playing that’s a problem, it is more like I have to learn the thing to my head.

Glenn: And becoming part of the song as well.

Jurgen: Yeah – give the song the feeling what it needs. So this comes in the end, so the first time you start practicing and learning and then you have to get into your brain when you know all the riffs and all the moves - then you can joke around. Then you can out some things inside because then you are into the song and that’s it.

Glenn: Yeah and you’re putting your own, the Jurgen stamp onto the song as well which is a skill isn’t it.

Jurgen: Oh yes, I am yeah. I hope so.

Glenn: What would you say your favourite songs are that are going to be put into the set?

Jurgen: My favourite songs I would say are very good songs. I mean there are hundreds of good songs. If I would say some good songs, there’s one song I really like, it’s called ‘Eyes Of The World’ – that’s from the record with Graham Bonnet and it’s from ‘Down To Earth’ – there that’s a nice song and if I take every decade from all that so we have got ‘Man On The Silver Mountain’ and we have got ‘Kill The King’ and we have got ‘All Night Long’ then we have got ‘Lonely for a Rower’ – oh there’s so many good songs. ‘I Surrender’, I mean the classic songs and it is so different the times of the decades. So if you start in the Dio decade you have got this harder rock/metal thing you know and then it gets smoother if it comes to Joe Lynn Turner time you know.

Glenn: Can you imagine yourself doing what a Record Company wants? Such as them saying you need to do this sort of style, play in this sort of style that seems to be happening right now and go a bit softer or a bit more ‘radio friendly’.

Jurgen: Oh no, oh no. I never do anything that the radio wants. I always do what I want and what we like. If we want to play harder, then we’ll start and do the harder stuff. I don’t care even if I wrote my new songs. I don’t care of anything you know. I mean, we did this in the 80’s and what was the effects? Nothing – because in the end the radio didn’t play you and if you play smoother then they don’t play you anyway.

Glenn: That’s it so – you can’t win or you can’t lose can you?

Jurgen: No you can’t win them it at all. So this is actually crazy you know so the best is always to do your own style and if you have got... if you can come out with this and take the essense out of the audience then it’s good. I mean that’s what everyone wants and I don’t think that it’s good to change the style only to maybe make it smoother or more melodic because anybody wants it – even with the managements and all the people. Everyone is talking to you and saying, “Oh I would do this like that, I would do it like this”, I don’t care.

Glenn: Yeah – you can’t please everyone - so please yourself. If your fans are happy and you’re happy, that’s what matter.

Jurgen: Yeah, that’s the most important thing. Or even I’ll do this complete thing – the complete tour, that’s my truth – I only do it for fun because I like to see many fans. I have got so many fans by my own in the world and I like to meet and greet them at the concert and have a small talk. I mean that’s what I want – so give and shake hands and take the tour for getting out of Germany and coming all over the world.

Glenn: Do you think there will be any shows in the UK at all?

Jurgen: I hope so. I mean it’s not up to me (laughs). I think the shows in the UK, maybe it’s a bit difficult. I don;t know how the feel at the moment is with the rock music in the UK, I really don’t know. I don;t know if there is any bookers around that would like to book us. I mean it is very expensive to book this thing because they all come from America and they are big names so thats so that’s always the big deal you know. We now just put together the Japanese thing and we have got something in Germany also but I don’t know about the UK. I’d really love to play in the UK, I mean I was born in England (laughs) then when I was 4 years old I moved to Germany and grew up here. So I would like to go to England again – yeah that would be awesome you know.

Glenn: Nice One. We’ve got to see what happens really haven’t we?

Jurgen: Yeah.

Glenn: What would you say your favourite material by your Father is - either in Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore’s Night.. whatever? Do you have any certain songs that you really, really like to hear?

Jurgen: Ahh, I really love the Rainbow time. I think that’s great and I love that music and I also love some Deep Purple songs – even from ‘House Of The Blue Light’ or ‘Perfect Strangers’ - I love them too. ‘Made In Japan’ and things like this and ‘On Stage’ from Rainbow or things like this. From Blackmore’s Night, that’s not really my music but I would say, yeah there’s one song I really think that’s OK. It’s this song, I think it’s called ‘Dancing in The Moon’ or something like this – I don’t know really the title now but that one was good and I saw some shows from him and he’s awesome you know, he’s very amazing and he’s doing absolutely good and I think he, well that’s what I think, that he’s much more better now on guitar than he was in the past. In this acoustic stuff he is doing things that’s very complicated and difficult to play and in the Rainbow time and things like that, I mean he done some classical guitar things and that’s it. But now he’s doing a complete show only with this crazy note you know. He loves that and he is happy with the style. I would say it’s better to employ him to do this when he likes it and he is doing something with rock what you maybe don’t like you know.

Glenn: Yeah. I’ve just been reading an Interview from like 1978 that’s just been in the ‘Classic Rock’ magazine and he was talking about those sort of things – that he was putting more medieval music into his songs and thinking that in time he was gonna go that way and he’s gone that way and he’s enjoying it and that’s what matters.

Jurgen: Yeah.

Glenn: What would you say the ultimate line-up of Rainbow would be, not even that’s actually been but if you could pick certain members from any particular line-up, what would you consider you would like to see together?

Jurgen: You mean from Rainbow now?

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: The one we have. (laughs)

Glenn: The one you have good answer (I laugh)

Jurgen: Haha, that’s a good answer. (laughing)

Glenn: It is yeah.

Jurgen: I can’t say anything else because we talk about this. When Joe came to me and he came to Germany, we’ve said at this Pizzeria, we had a small talk about it and he asked me, “What would you like to ask?”, and I say, “Mmm, how about Tony?”, and he said, “Yes, Tony is free”. I said, “This would be great because he’s a very awesome guy, he’s absolutely great on keyboard I know, he plays guitar, he plays.. he’s an all rounder”, you know this guy is absolutely great, he’s so funny – you can laugh at him always and Greg is a nice guy. He plays the bass ok and everything so I think we have got a quite good formation so I am very, I am very intersted in what’s coming and looking forward to how this is working. I mean, many people would like to see Ronnie James Dio on the vocals but Ronnie James Dio is only the beginning of Rainbow you know?

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: And I saw it everywhere, if you onto the internet and read everywhere, people are all talking about Ronnie James Dio. I mean, Ronnie James Dio always is around and he always still makes his music like he has done in the beginning with Rainbow you know.

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: If people like this style then they better to Dio you know but I know but I know lots of people, they like Joe or Graham Bonnet. They like this time. I know there’s a small radio-friendly, we say like chart-friendly. Even in the UK in like number 2 and 1, I don’t know the songs but I remember in the 80’s, they must be at 1 or 2 in the charts so was ‘All Night Long’ and also it was ‘I Surrender’ and ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’.

Glenn: Yeah, that’s probably the main three.

Jurgen: Yeah thats the main three yeah.

Glenn: And they are still getting played in rock clubs today.

Jurgen: Yeah. Of course yeah.

Glenn: I think one of the good things about having Joe in the band is that his fanbase is so big. I mean he’s played in Rainbow, he’s got his solo thing going on, he’s done a thing with Glenn Hughes.

Jurgen: Yes.

Glenn: He’s played with Yngwie and he did that stint in Deep Purple as well for a bit.

Jurgen: Yes, he was everywhere. (laughs) He was everywhere, I know he is – that’s very funny. He’s a great guy. He’s also very nice. I mean I know how people think about him and a lot of people talking about him like he’s a ‘Diva’ and things like this but he isn’t. If you know him really, then you feel that he is absolutely really nice guy and you can have fun with him and that’s very important for me. Many people only see his hair like, ‘he went to the... oh look at him.. that’s what he wants.. he wants to go to a big party because he’s done his hair’, but I don’t care about this, I mean the guy inside is always worthy you know?

Glenn: Exactly. The hair thing is what he feels comfy with and it’s all good.

Jurgen: Yes, I mean for him, if he likes that, it’s OK to go on. The thing that I would like to see is how he’s singing not how he’s looking you know?

Glenn: Exactly and that’s what matters.

Jurgen: And not everyone has to have long hair to be a singer or to be a guitar player. I mean the 1st guy who was very strange, I remember in the rock time in the 80’s was Graham Bonnet you had at this time, everyone had long hair and he had short hair. Everyone was “Ahh – who’s this?”

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: Yeah.

Glenn: But the voice was there and that’s what matters.

Jurgen: Yeah, hahaha, of course yeah.

Glenn: Exactly. He’s still around as well.

Jurgen: Yes I know and anyway you never know maybe we do guest show somewhere, sometime with Graham. I mean, everything is open you know, I mean yeah. If I meet Ronnie James Dio somewhere and he is at the same place, maybe we play ‘Stargazer’ together.

Glenn: Yeah, be nice wouldn’t it.

Jurgen: (Laughs) You never know whats goin to happen in the future.

Glenn: Yeah, I asked Greg the same and he basically said the same. You don’t know, if anyones there then thats good. Awesome. What would you say you are most proud of as a guitar player and a performer?

Jurgen: I’m actually very proud of my last record, ‘Between Darkness & Light’ because I’ve done something that I’ve always wanted to do. Only sing with a guitar and not oversing it with everything with a singer and then you only listen to the words what the singer sings, now on my instrumental CD ‘Between Darkness & Light’ you have got the singing guitar and I think it’s great. I love that music and maybe if we do in the future some things together with ‘Over The Rainbow’ it could be that style too in fact. So we will see, I mean we have got Joe, so now I can do also this with guitar and singer but it wouldn’t be like this because I love the fast fret running. Sometimes the sound of a good guitar is like it’s owning it’s tune so that’s very important for me. If I stay sometimes somewhere in a music shop or listen to a song and suddenly I listen to a guitar what’s going like ‘Daa Daa’ (singing a high couple of notes) and I go ‘Wow, whats this’. I don’t care of (sings a load of fast notes) clevering it up and like hundreds and thousands of Yngwie Malmsteen’s. I mean there are so many good players, they all can, they make a competition who’s the fastest and they are all good and it’s nice but it’s a different league, it’s a different kind of music. I like the tune and want to bring out my heart with the guitar and not playing like I have to rush to get to my plane you know?

Glenn: It’s funny you should mention Yngwie because I’ve interviewed him a few times and I actually know his old bass player and one of Ritchie’s old Bass Players, Mick Cervino.

Jurgen: (Laughs) That’s good. I mean even Tony Carey started as a Bass Player I remember.

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: So this is crazy yeah. I started with acoustic guitar and played the 1st song that I think was ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ or something like that, yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, I think quite a few did to be honest.

Jurgen: Mmm.

Glenn: What would you say your hobbies and interests are outside music, what do you enjoy doing?

Jurgen: Fooball. I always like to play soccer and I like to be on PC’s that what’s very interesting – so doing all PC stuff. I like to do songwriting, I like to do sometimes, I would say travelling and things like this yeah.

Glenn: Excellent. How did you come up with the band name‘Over The Rainbow’ because I thought it was an incredible name to come up with because it’s right from the song as well?

Jurgen: Well the name came up like.. well I don’t remember really like it was but we had to find a name and there were so many names in the e-mails running around and suddenly I can’t remember really but suddenly was ‘Over The Rainbow’ and we all said “Ok, so we do ‘Over The Rainbow’ yeah” and that was it. I can’t really say because we are talking a lot on the internet over e-mail you know?

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: And all this came up with e-mails. It runs from guy to guy, you know, from America to Germany and back and again so somewhere else and there was another guy involved with it and another one and another one and I don’t know, maybe it was a hundred names and suddenly it was ‘Over The Rainbow’ and yeah. The first time we wanted to take ‘Blackline’ but ‘Blackline’ was gone so we got (Over The Rainbow).

Glenn: Right, excellent. Who would you say are your 'Guitar Idols' now?

Jurgen: Well it’s a bit different because I am not a fan of or the type to kiss his shoes and things like this. I would say I really like guitar players like my Dad - his playing and style because he’s playing absolute open-free so you never know how he’s playing in the next minute and that’s what I like and he’s also a very disciplined guy on stage so he don’t care if a bomb crashes next to him or it’s raining on stage - he don’t care.

Glenn: He just gets on with it.

Jurgen: So things like this. I look up at things like this.

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: And also Eddie Van Halen is some idol for me because he is such a nice guy and running around on stage and he’s playing the instrument like he could do three things more on stage, so it’s like he don’t think, he didn’t need to practise, he just comes on stage and says, “Hi” – he’s Eddie and jumps around and that’s it. So I think he’s a god guitarist and ... oh so many guitarists... Uli Jon Roth is a very nice guy and I think he’s playing awesome tunes on guitar.

Glenn: His albums are amazing.

Jurgen: Yes and I remember when I went and talked to Uli and we talked about guitar playing and then he said, “Hey listen, play one tune”, and then we play together one tune and his tune sounds so amazing that I was stunned and I said, “I don’t play guitar anymore – this is crazy”, and I remember that was in the 80’s. Then after that I said, “Oh I have to, I have to concentrate on tunes that they sing”, like what Uli does. And yeah, that’s the ones I would say like Uli Roth, Eddie Van Halen, my Dad. I mean there are so many more I know but yeah.

Glenn: Right got ya.

Jurgen: I’m not interested in these fast playing people but people who are doing something. Even if you take Angus Young, I mean he’s awesome. His playing, his act, he’s doing all these riffs and always playing his act. He’s such a nice guy. I remember we’ve been in Germany and played soccer and we kick all the windows out of the concert hall.

I laugh

Jurgen: It’s crazy. You know things like those. That’s things that I never forget.

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: That was a nice time. That’s the people I like on guitar.

Glenn: Got ya. What would you say of the concerts that you’ve played yourself have been your most favourite?

Jurgen: I would say I would like the most was the Czechoslovakia tour I done because we played for about 15,000 people.

Glenn: Wow.

Jurgen: And that was such a good place and there was really no-one what was the cooperatislava and things like that because the terms were so nice. I remember there was a concert, we were on stage and then you had, I don’t know, about a thousand army people in front.

Glenn: Wow.

Jurgen: So I say, “What’s going on here? Because at the 1st moment I said, “Something is wrong, do they want to pull us from the stage and put us in prison, I don’t know”. They all looked strange but then I started with the 1st riff of my guitar and suddenly they all came up onstage and did stage diving suddenly and I was absolutely stunned. It was a such a crazy situation you know.

I laugh

Jurgen: That was fun and I would say the Czechoslovaki Tour was very great. That was the best ‘til now. I hope it’s getting better now.

Glenn: So I guess you are hoping you are gonna be playing there again some time?

Jurgen: Yes we did get orderings from there but I don’t know if it’s gonna happen because it’s so expensive to book us, you know?

Glenn: Yeah, I can understand that with the members and that.

Jurgen: I would play for that. I don’t care, I only do it for fun but there are so many people inside this band – they have got the big name, they want to be paid and they don’t want us to sit somewhere outside, they want to play and have everything fine. Maybe that’s a problem but I don’t care. I mean, I’m happy with that when I can go all over the world. My big places to play are like the UK – that would be great because that’s my birthplace and this would be awesome to play in this place and also the Russian Tour’s great and I hope it gets some more of that and even USA would be very interesting for me and also South America – things like that. I mean, I’m looking forward. I’m hoping that we play everywhere.

Glenn: Yeah, it would be nice.

Jurgen: Would be great if we get this fixed and we find a way to play everywhere.


Glenn: Yeah. What’s your current thoughts of the music business right now? I don;t know what its like in Germany but in Britain it’s very conglomerate and it’s very fake – it’s more like McDonalds over here.

Jurgen: Mmm hmm.

Glenn: It’s very fake and get an artist in who’s not brilliant, pump a load of money in then see how long they last and it’s very girl/boy bandish and the good bands, the up and coming bands, they are not really getting the recognition and promotion and time they deserve. Is it similar across where you are as well?

Jurgen: Yes. Yeah. Isn’t it all over the world?

Glenn: Yeah, it’s terrible.

Jurgen: A couple of days ago I read on the Internet and saw what’s the most played things and it was Rap Music and Oh, I couldn’t believe it, I mean 70% is Rap Music. I mean, what is this? But I think the business when we had it was much harder and now, because now we’ve got this internet platform and...

Glenn: ...And you can myspace it all.

Jurgen: You can work with that and I would say it’s good to play in this time period because in the 80’s you had to have a record deal. I remember everyone running around. “Yeah, I’m looking for a record deal”, and things like this and this time you can do your own record and release it.

Glenn: And nobody is bothered about a deal.

Jurgen: That’s it.

Glenn: Plus the fact the communication of the internet is incredible – I mean you were able to e-mail ‘Over the Rainbow’ members over in Americs. It’s become such an incredible device.

Jurgen: Yeah, of course, it is. I was also reading a thing about that you can play together with a band where all members are coming from different places. You can send your sound-files from one to one, you know, and then you play on it and say, “Give me your Bass Playing’ that you are playing”, and put some guitar on it and you know, like this. I mean 20 years before you couldn’t do anything like this. I mean, I remember we had a tape machine in our rehearsal room and that’s it and you always had to sit together and do a rehearsal. I mean, in this time you don’t even need to rehearse, you just put on the songs and then you go for some days in the rehearsal room and then you go on tour. I mean it’s easy now, you know?

Glenn: Yeah, exactly. What would you say the maddest or craziest rumours that you’ve heard or read about yourself? Are there any that’s took your attention and you’ve thought, “What?”

Jurgen: Yeah. I think it’s all in the past. It’s all what had to do with my Father. In the past they really hurt me always because I can’t do anything against it that I am the ‘Son of the Big Ritchie’ and I never talk to anybody about it. You wouldn’t see me running around saying, “I’m the Son of Ritchie Blackmore”, I mean I’ve never said a word but it’s always a friend of mine or people around me, they want to make them, I don;t know what they want but they want to makes themselves big, I don’t know. They shout it out and I have got these things all over the place in the papers, like ‘He is the Son of Ritchie but how many brothers he has and he don’t know’ and things like this. So if you’re really the ‘Son of Ritchie’. I remember there was an Interview thing where I had to show my Passport so they believed I was Ritchie Blackmore’s Son and things like this. I hate this period. This was really bad. I mean now I must laugh about it because now I stand over it and look at all this b*llsh*t talking running around. I don’t care.

Glenn: Exactly.

Jurgen: I do know what I’m doing and playing my guitar and having fun and who wants to be bad and shout out all thing. They do it anyway even if you are good.

Glenn: Yeah, they build you up and bang you down.

Jurgen: Yeah. These guys running around and talking b*llsh*t the complete time often on the internet and when they are outside on the streets, they do this completely, they are.. actually they’ve got a problem with themselves. Everything is running wrong in their life and that’s it. I mean, what do they want to do, bring me down? No, I have to be over this you know and I don’t care actually.

Glenn: I know, I can’t fault you.

Jurgen: And even I know about my Father, they wrote so much bad stuff and I remembered that when he said to me, “I never give Interviews now again, I don’t do anything anymore”. But in the end, if you take this, I mean even if someone is writing b*llsh*t, someone is writing and talking about about you and in the end you can be happy. But yeah..

Glenn: You are still being noticed for something good or bad.

Jurgen: Yeah.

Glenn: Whether it’s lies or truth.

Jurgen: And anyway, I’m not a guy who’s collecting all my interviews on tape and my magazine stuff. I don’t do it. Actually sometimes I don’t know where I’ve done an interview where I’ve made photos. I don’t know, I don’t collect anything. My Management would collect some stuff but not me. I’m not this guy. I don’t care. I’m just living from next day to next day.

Glenn: I wanted to ask you about ‘Musikerei Records’. Is that your own record label?

Jurgen: Yes that’s Musikerei Records, it’s my record label that I brought out my two records on. I am also doing music for personal things like wedding and things like this. I was doing this with this German Girl together and she’s a Switzerland Girl now and we are starting again in March and doing this because this is a lot of fun because many people like to have a birthday song in rock music with their own name and things like this so I also do it for Worldwide from March on. And Yeah, I have fun with that stuff so that’s also my, I would say my working thing. I work with that. I always say I want to live and exist from money from making music.

Glenn: Yeah.

Jurgen: And I can do this with all that you know, so that’s good. I don’t need to go and saw at the paprique and work on somewhere. So I can do it with music. Many people can’t do it. They are working somewhere as a lecturer or I don’t know or anything. They never go on tour and have holidays and I can say I’m a real true musician.

Glenn: Yep – you’ve a god life and you are enjoying it. That’s the main thing.

Jurgen: Yes I love that. I very enjoy it, I very enjoy it.

Glenn: Right I’ll let you get off. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you.

Jurgen: Thank You.

Glenn: You take care and have a good tour.

Jurgen: Yeah, I hope so. I hope we have got a good tour and have much fun. That’s what I want to wish myself.

I laugh

Jurgen: I hope we and also the fans enjoy it and it would be great. Great because then it comes all over the world and maybe you see us in the UK and somewhere else you know.

Glenn: Cool. You have a good night and it’s been good to talk to you mate.

Jurgen: Okay, have a nice weekend.

Glenn: You too mate.

Jurgen: Thanks.

Glenn: See you later.

Jurgen: See you later, bye.

Thanks again to Jurgen and also Lisa Walker for setting up the Interview.