1. What first turned you onto Rock music?

I got into queen and kiss in the mid 70's like alot of other American kids I loved it!!

2a. How long was it before you got the break?

I don't even remember. I guess the main break was when i started playing with Ratt.

b. Who did you play with before you got the break?

I've played with everybody! Tal Bachman, Gene Loves Jezebel, Pretty Boy Floyd, Warrant… the list goes on and on...

c. Where?

Mainly all over the states.

d. Who initially got you the break?
I've been around the scene a long time so you just kind of met people.

3. Which artists/bands have you most enjoyed working with and why?

I love the pit (Slash's Snakepit). I believe were the best straight ahead rnr band on earth, next to AC/DC.

4. In each band - have you been able to work to your full creative level - or have you often been held back in some of them?

Nobody has ever held me back, they just let me do my thing. I always know what my place in the band is though.

5. Is it easy to work alongside large established acts like Ratt or Warrant? Have you ever felt like an outsider to some bands - and more as a hired hand than a full time member - has it affected you creatively either in studio or on-stage?

No never. I think because they are all so cool.

6. What are your main musical and lyrical inspirations?

I really don't know, probably whatever is happening that day you know.

7. Where do you find the comfiest place is to work in regarding composing/lyric writing etc?

Anywhere! On the floor usually.

8. Are there future plans to work alongside Ryan again for another Dad's Porno Mag album - if so, when?

Well I might help (Alice) Cooper out, I'm kinda on hold so that would put us together again. I just saw the guy at a production rehearsal it was killer!!

9. How did you get involved with the Pretty Boy Floyd Reunion? And , Is there life for PBF after 'Porn Stars' and 'A tale of Sex' or was it a one-off thing?

I knew them from back in the day so we just hooked up. Those were just quick things. The e.p. (A Tale of Sex) was a demo we did at my house. As for 'Porn Stars', I wasn't really in the band - I just came down and did the backing vox and some solos....

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